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EPI-USE Cloud Platform (ECP) - the talk of the Mastering SAP Technology event

Last week EPI-USE Labs was one of the premium sponsors at the Mastering SAP Technology event in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a milestone conference for EPI-USE Labs because the partnership with Dimension Data for SAP cloud environments was announced. Apart from that EPI-USE Labs also launched the new Enterprise Cloud Platform technology, EPI-USE Cloud Platform (ECP), that simplifies Application Lifecycle Management for SAP. This technology integrates with the Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform (MCP).

The Mastering SAP Technology event was well attended by many of the region’s top SAP users and our conference booth was very busy with many demonstrations of the Enterprise Cloud Platform.

EPI-USE Labs also had two speaker slots at the event. The first one was a round-table discussion hosted by Dimension Data Application Services with EPI-USE Labs CEO, Phillip Stofberg, and Ed Wentzel from Dimension Data talking about the strategy of the technology and partnership.

The second session was presented by Egideon Bands and Anton Groenewald about the Journey to the Cloud – an ECP demo was also included in this session. Both sessions were well received according to feedback from different sources. The Mastering SAP Technology event's success is the springboard for the future of the EPI-USE Labs Cloud strategy.