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Data Sync Manager brings new energy to Vestas’ SAP system management

Vestas is the only global energy company that is exclusively committed to wind energy. Based in Denmark with offices in 24 countries, the company employs about 18 000 people. Expansion has escalated over the years and today it is the world leader in clean energy supply by means of its wind turbines. Growth and mergers are part of Vestas’ history and these create the stage for solutions such as Data Sync Manager to show its mettle.   

Vestas realized that the manually created data in their QA and DEV systems placed them at risk because errors in productive systems were often not discovered until a change or support packs were applied. Apart from data integrity, what they needed was up-to-date data without having to do a full system copy. They also needed to copy data selectively, to reduce costs and enable business users to create ad hoc data for problem resolution.

The Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite proved to be the answer. It has brought numerous changes, all positive and Vestas can now get scrambled production data on QA without having to make a full system copy or creating manual data. Client Sync delivers a table-orientated approach to copying subsets of client data whilst Object Sync selects data at a business object or transactional flow level for copying to a non-production system.
The Benefits of Data Sync Manager

- Significant time and disk savings . (7.5TBin pre-production systems)
- Ease of use
- Smaller test systems
- Automated updates - DSM runs independently and status updates are automated and distributed via email
- Smaller test and training systems
- Huge improvement in error detection
- More reliable data

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