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Cloud. It’s the buzzword of the moment, the edge for companies hoping to gain a bigger foothold in an already cluttered marketplace. “Get into the Cloud”, they say. But it’s not so simple.
The cloud offers a number of very attractive advantages, not least being cost savings and speed of operation/deployment, but getting into the cloud is not quick, it is a journey.

What exactly is the Cloud?

The cloud is a heterogeneous environment that can be hosted publicly, privately or a hybrid combination of these two. Because the cloud is heterogeneous, it brings great cost effectiveness and enables you to take advantage of the latest technology cost-effectively.

Partnerships key to Cloud computing because it relies on the sharing of resources to achieve economies of scale – large groups of remote servers are networked to allow centralised data storage and online access to computer services or resources.

Getting started.

Your journey to the cloud starts with SAP migration and we have a dedicated team to assist you with this process. Importantly, our competitive edge is Data Sync Manager, which enables us to do this more cost effectively. And while we do the migration we’ll help you with Unicode conversions, database reorgs, consolidating Application Servers, or consolidating your SAP systems. Flexibility is your reward.

Are you ready?

We offer a Cloud Readiness Assessment service. This includes

  1. Interoptibility check. For an information network to function diverse systems need to work compatibly – software and hardware need to align and for this the architecture must be examined.
  2. Standardise environment
  3. A Time schedule estimating how long it will take to get to the Cloud
  4. A heightened project plan, which contains a high-level cost assessment
  5. Day-to-day indication of SAP running costs