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Connector Framework

Quality integration made quick, easy and effective

Let's look at integration

Many strategic business decisions make integration to or from your SAP HCM landscape an unavoidable step. There are logical repercussions: development costs, a rise in maintenance overheads and an unwanted rigidity - your operation becomes less able to respond to the ebb and flow of progress and the needs of business. Ultimately, there is an increase in risk and the threat to data integrity, especially between your SAP HCM environment and 3rd party applications. There is a way to avoid this.

Connector Framework will change all this

Connector Framework is an SAP Integration platform designed to address common integration problems. It speeds up SAP data access and dramatically improves flexibility to 3rd party applications. Complete reusability now becomes an option because you can reuse any configuration, developments or processes across multiple integration scenarios

The product comes with ready-made components to perform specific integration-related functions. Using a drag-and-drop approach it is possible to build the interface that is completely configurable to tackle even the most complex integration scenario.

Connector Framework includes a monitoring dashboard especially for business users, which empowers your staff to take ownership of interfaces within their area of responsibility.

How you benefit

  • Up to 80% reduction in implementation effort - due to reusability and convenient components.
  • Far greater ability to handle change.
  • Greatly reduced interface maintenance.
  • Supports multiple interface models, e.g. batch uploads and downloads, real time integration, web services and payroll outsourcing interfaces.
  • Delivered with a set of tasks that can be used as is, or as working examples to help you construct interfaces
  • Incorporates customer-specific components or user exits to cater for complex individual business requirements.

What's in the box

The Connector Framework includes the following core solution modules:

  • Framework. Powerful, flexible and scalable integration framework
  • Workbench. Interface construction module to build integration scenarios graphically with drag and drop functionality
  • Dashboard. Monitoring dashboard designed to empower business users
  • Delivered components. Used in interface construction. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Infotype extraction
    • Payroll results extraction
    • Delta Management
    • XML Conversion
    • File Download
    • Powerful mapping and transformations


    Do I need additional infrastructure for Connector Framework?

    No, Connector Framework is installed on your SAP HCM environment. The solution is delivered in an exclusive EPI-USE Labs namespace and you will not incur any risk of development overwrites on your SAP landscape.

    Does Connector Framework replace my middleware?

    No, Connector Framework is not a middleware tool but rather a data access and manipulation product for SAP HCM. Connector Framework will actually complement your middleware as it will enable the data access to and from SAP in a much more scalable fashion.

    How much can my development effort be reduced with Connector Framework?

    We estimate by 50 to 80% depending on the complexity of the interface.

    To what extent can I use Connector Framework?

    It can be used for any integration scenario involving SAP HCM. This includes but is not limited to: web service interfaces, payroll outsourcing, common data store integration, cloud solution integration, etc.