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Data Sync Manager™ for HCM

Flexible, consistent and secure copying of HCM data

Data Sync Manager (DSM) from EPI-USE Labs is solution for accurate and consistent copying of data from production to all your non-production SAP systems. DSM can copy subsets of SAP client data with Client Sync or copy specific object data with Object Sync. DSM is developed for ERP (including HCM, FI and LO), SRM, CRM, SCM, GTS and BW.

However, your company may wish to copy HCM data only. EPI-USE Labs thus offers you a specialised version of Data Sync Manager that includes only data from the HCM module.

With this version you have the full power of DSM, but you only access HCM data.

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Components of DSM for HCM

Object Sync for HCM

Object Sync for HCM empowers business users to select any HCM master data, such as Employee data, or transactional data, such as Payroll results, and copy it to a target non-production client. You can also copy the basis Business Objects, such as Usermaster and Report Variants data. Optional scrambling conversions allow you to protect sensitive data.

Since data is copied on demand, non-production systems can be up to date, enabling more efficient testing, training and support. For more information on Object Sync, click here.

HR Planning Mass Copy

This functionality enables you to copy Personnel Planning Data for some or all PD Object Types en masse. It is optimized for copying large data sets and replaces the existing data (as opposed to the Object Sync HR Planning object which you would use to append existing data).


How fine-grained is Object Sync?

Well, you can copy just one employee's data, for example, with or without payroll results. You can copy as few employees or as many as you need. If you want to copy all employees, to refresh a client for example, then you could consider Client Sync, which lets you select profiles (subsets) of client data to copy.

Is there an easy, fast way to copy my Org structure and/or other planning data?

Yes, Object Sync has an HR Planning Mass Copy function that quickly and easily replaces your Org structure, training and events, qualification catalogue data, etc. or copies Planning data selectively by object type.

Can Object Sync scramble the employee number?

Yes, use the key renumbering feature on a set of employees and the job's done.

What about scrambling all other sensitive data?

EPI-USE Labs delivers a very extensive set of conversions to address the most common scrambling needs. No development is necessary. If required, you can extend any conversion to cater for your unique needs.

How can we enforce data security?

Object Sync's templates allow advanced users to lock down certain settings. This means that your company can use templates to enforce policies in terms of scrambling rules, so that all Syncs automatically use the same conversions. This is very important from an audit and governance perspective.

Data Sync Manager is part of EPI-USE Labs Data Sync Manager (DSM) product suite. It can function independently or together with other products in the DSM suite.