The Managed Payroll Readiness Assessment


What is the Managed Payroll Readiness Assessment?

The assessment performs a technical analysis of your HCM/Payroll system, that will help determine if it is a good fit for Managed Payroll. This is a lightweight ABAP program that is provided as an SAP transport that should be run on the production server, or a recent copy of production.

What does the assessment provide?

Insights from your SAP Payroll including:

  • Payroll run frequency and complexity (payroll areas, periods, number of active employees, employee groups etc.)
  • Technical implementation analysis including:
    • Batch jobs running in your payroll system
    • Interface scenarios that have been configured (RFC, ALE, LDAP, SNC, Email)
    • Current software versions and patch update frequency
    • Any core software modifications have been undertaken in your payroll system
  • Languages and Country deployment information
  • If Cross Application Time Sheets (CATS) has been implemented
  • Payroll Statistics and Anomalies (E.g. Active employees that have not been paid for more than a year.)

Is there a cost to running the assessment?

No, EPI-USE Labs offers this analysis to our potential Managed Payroll customers, and delivers value and insight from day one.

What about sensitive Payroll data?

No transaction or sensitive information is extracted during the readiness assessment. Just the metadata about your payroll implementation is extracted. The information is viewable as XML file, should you want to review the information that is extracted.

How do I run the assessment?

The assessment is an ABAP transport that is imported into your payroll system. The transport and user guides are available via our customer Client Central portal, the basic steps are:

  1. Download transport from Client Central
  2. Import transport into your system
  3. Executed report and download results
  4. View interactive report via Client Central

If you don’t have access to Client Central, you can contact

Request Assessment

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