Enterprise restructuring, consolidations, divestitures, mergers, system modernization - ring a bell? Although very different, these events have 2 things in common. Each requires specialized tools and knowledge, and they are grouped under a moniker of 'SLO' - System Landscape Optimization.

As a follow-up to the first webinar covering the strategic value of preparing for an SAP-centric divestiture, we now take a step back and focus our attention on an introduction to 'SLO' (System Landscape Optimization) and the value that it can bring to companies.

This webinar replay will cover:  

  • Introduction to SLO
  • SLO Triggers
  • SLO Scenarios
  • Business Benefits

If you are a business leader, why would you care?

Because SLO enables the implementation of several strategic and business critical triggers...

 About  the presenter


John Conte.jpgJohn Conte, VP, Landscape Transformation Services  at EPI-USE Labs

John came to EPI-USE Labs after an in-depth analysis of the EPI-USE Labs' technologies and IP.  An SAP veteran of more than 25 years, John was the seventh employee of SAP in the West Coast and implemented and extended SAP for clients across the Americas. He is now responsible for SLO/LT services - and still codes in ABAP and other languages.

Watch the recording

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