Tax Analyser Tax Analyser™

The tax reporting and compliance product for South Africa

The challenge: Compliance. Deadlines. Increased submissions.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) demands compliance: employer tax submissions must be correct and on time, and missing a deadline means penalties.

There is another factor that you can't ignore: change. Tax rules can change with every submission. It is up to every employer to stay informed on the latest tax rules. The market is aware that quarterly and monthly submissions are planned by the SARS down the line.

There is good news though. Specialised software technology can help – Tax Analyser is the proactive way to be tax-ready all year round.

Tax Analyser is your "one-stop-shop" for all things tax-related

From the convenience of a single SAP screen, you can drive all tax activities before, during and after submissions. Tax Analyser provides more detailed error feedback than the SARS easy@file system, and facilitates corrections by forward navigation to the specific screens concerned. The end result is that your tax data is always correct, submissions are on time or even ahead of time, and penalties become a thing of the past.

How it works

Tax Analyser collates information using four complementary components:

  1. Payroll Checker monitors the SARS-readiness of your Payroll results, configuration and master data 365 days a year.
  2. Tax Certificate Processing administers the entire Tax Certificate process.
  3. Tax Certificate File Checker pinpoints errors and discrepancies in tax files before you submit them.
  4. Tax Certificate Reporting provides specific SARS reports, such as:
    • Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501)
    • Detailed list of SARS codes and amounts
    • Convenient view, print or reprint of Tax Certificates (IRP5)

Tax Analyser benefits in a nutshell

  • Ensures streamlined, accurate tax submissions
  • Ensures compliance with every SARS regulation
  • Simplifies tax year-end processes
  • Delivers reports in a logical sequence – every step of the process is in the correct order
  • Files validated before submission to ensure tax compliance
  • View and print IRP5s in the Adobe® PDF format required by SARS.

Supported SAP Releases: 4.7x110, 4.7x200, ECC5 (ERP2004) and ECC6 (ERP2005), up to and including the latest Enhancement pack.