A lot of customers are talking about S/4HANA now. It's very much the direction that SAP is pushing but in this overflow of information age it's very difficult to know where to start and as EPI-USE Labs I think that we have a very compelling offering.

We can advise customers and we can offer them a mechanism to try out S/4HANA on a sandbox for example and using our IP we can convert their existing data into S/4HANA format. It's not just a one-step process and I think that part is quite daunting for customers, what does this journey to S/4HANA actually mean.

So it's a lot of preparatory steps that one has to take and we can help with all those steps. We have an example in South Africa of a customer who has embarked on the S/4HANA journey and we have walked a long path with them, right from the initial cut over and then some of the early migrations.

I think what differentiates EPI-USE Labs is the fact that we can bring IP to the table. We are not just throwing additional consultants onto the project, we are actually automating some of those challenges. There are a lot of unknowns with S/4HANA and not everybody wants to be first but those who are willing to take the first step in a safe way with some technology and some IP behind it I think that's it's a very good way to approach S/4HANA.

Learn how EPI-USE Labs can help you on your journey to S/4HANA.

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