EPI-USE Labs and Virtual Forge:
global alliance to secure SAP landscapes

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The data and information security landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. Hacking expertise is escalating, as is the speed to market and adoption of new technologies. This, along with increasing legislation aiming to protect data owners, presents a major business challenge.

EPI-USE Labs can help you to navigate this complex and critical field with a full suite of solutions covering data risk, security, privacy and compliance. To provide our clients with comprehensive protection, we have partnered with Virtual Forge, a leading provider of security solutions for SAP, and Soterion, whose compliance software solves GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) for SAP customers.

EPI-USE Labs’ global partnership with Virtual Forge means our clients benefit from our extensive combined expertise, all under a single contract and scope of work. This collaboration brings together powerful complementary solutions to help our mutual clients address compliance, and secure data and SAP landscapes.
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A comprehensive security, risk, and compliance solution

How does this alliance help you?

  • We offer a range of security solutions based on our clients' risk profile, and provide assessment, remediation, and monitoring services
  • Our clients can access our combined solutions through a single relationship, and have holistic discussions on how best to secure, optimize and operate their SAP systems effectively
  • We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions to match their needs and level of risk management maturity.


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Virtual Forge:
security solutions for SAP

Virtual Forge is a German-founded SAP security, compliance, and quality specialist and a trusted advisor for SAP companies worldwide. The inventor of the first ABAP and HANA scanner, Virtual Forge has made SAP security their mission and has established itself as a leading provider of security solutions for SAP. The company’s best-in-class solutions and services protect SAP systems and enable businesses to run their SAP applications securely. Whether cloud or on-premise, ABAP® or SAP HANA®, Virtual Forge solutions support all established SAP products.

Exciting security solutions 

Virtual Forge’s CodeProfiler product scans ABAP code for security, compliance, and quality issues. This product was recently evolved into a version that can do HANA specific scans too.

SystemProfiler scans/audits SAP systems for typical security vulnerabilities, and produces detailed and actionable reports with remediation advice. This can also be used for initial security assessments that can lead to longer term engagements. The focus of this product is primarily system configuration and management.

TransportProfiler checks transports for completeness, consistency, and changes in critical data. This makes it possible to identify flawed transports in advance, which in turn helps prevent system downtime, damage to target systems, and the costs and effort required for correcting errors.