Ebook: Hybrid copying and masking of SAP SuccessFactors data

What’s the best way to manage data in your complex HXM environment? Find out in this comprehensive ebook.

Clients in hybrid scenarios (SAP ECC On-Premise and SAP SuccessFactors Employee20230530 ebook_mock_up Central) – or those using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll – have limited options for making test data available across these environments.

You are also likely to need access to your critical HCM and Payroll production data in non-production systems for testing, training and support, but in doing so you also then require the consistent masking of SuccessFactors data. Even after an Instance Refresh, you must still anonymize the data to comply with SAP’s data-processing agreement.

SuccessFactors doesn’t offer the same transport mechanisms as traditional ERP systems. Keeping your ERP, Payroll and SuccessFactors systems consistent for testing is a challenge. Data Sync Manager Object Sync for SuccessFactors Add-on offers the ability to intelligently manage your data within the landscape to increase efficiency.

Masking of data consistently between your ERP, Payroll and SuccessFactors systems is not something any standard tools can deliver. Data Sync Manager Data Secure for SuccessFactors Add-on offers the ability to mask data intelligently and consistently across existing ERP/Payroll and SuccessFactors systems.

Paul Hammersley, SVP of our ALM Product Portfolio, has written a comprehensive ebook to explain the problem space of Test Data Management in a Hybrid SAP HCM environment where there is both SuccessFactors Employee Central and an SAP Payroll system;  how the EPI-USE Labs' solutions were developed, and how they will work in your environment.

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