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How much am I spending on custom ABAP reports?

Estimating how much your organization spends on custom ABAP reporting annually is actually quite easy to determine. All you need is a few key data points.
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According to your estimation, the number of custom ABAP reports which are being used by your organization today is 325.

These custom reports were built by ABAP programmers, who took around 25 hours to create each one. This means a total of 8,125 hours. At an average hourly rate of $100 per hour, your total original investment in creating these reports adds up to $812,500 (USD).

On average, existing reports require a review and update at least once a year to ensure that they still function, in line with security, regulatory updates, patches etc. At a minimum, it takes 5 hours to review each of the 325 reports. Based on an average hourly rate of $100 per hour for an ABAP programmer, your ongoing annual cost is in the region of $162,500 (USD).

Added to this is the cost for each new report developed. You estimated that you create an average of 55 new reports every year. With ABAP programmers averaging approximately 25 hours to create each one of these reports, the new reports take a total of 1,375 hours. At an average hourly rate of $100 per hour, your recurring annual cost for new reports averages around $137,500 (USD).

Your original investment was $812,500 (USD)
Your ongoing annual cost (maintaining existing reports, and creating new reports) is $300,000 (USD)


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