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What is the PRISM assessment?

We have a free assessment tool that will give you information about your SAP system to help you understand what your migration path might look like. This free assessment is simply a download which includes an SAP transport that will run on your SAP environment.
It’s essentially a transport that collects key structural data from your system including things like:
  • Number of countries configured for payroll
  • How many custom tables are in use
  • Which Wage Types are configured versus which are in use
  • Custom programs
  • Custom infotypes
The transport applied does all of this without exposing any of your Employee or Confidential system data. The data  from the assessment is then available via an interactive, user-friendly web dashboard.

During the assessment, our expert services team will help determine if your company is a good fit for our PRISM Migration Service. PRISM combines powerful software and SAP domain experts to accelerate your move. If required, we can also undertake an automated assessment of your current SAP landscape via a lightweight ABAP program that is provided as an SAP transport that should be run on the production server, or a recent copy of production.

Having a definitive analysis of your system’s complexity is the first step in determining your next step in your SAP SuccessFactors migration. 

How can you book your free assessment?

Add your details to the form on the right, and we'll get in touch. We'll find a mutually beneficial time for you to connect with our SAP landscape specialists to:

  • Understand your SAP application and technology roadmap and advise on the optimal transformation path
  • Determine the scope of your current SAP  implementation
  • Address any of your specific queries, and provide additional details for evaluation

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