Optimise your landscape
as you RISE with SAP

Wednesday, 25 June 2024 | 11:00 –11:30 AM (BST)

About this webinar

When considering your next step in adopting the latest version of SAP®, you will definitely have heard about ‘RISE with SAP’ and the benefits this can bring to your business. Having partnered with many organisations during their journey to S/4HANA, we have valuable intelligence about how you can prepare your non-production environment to lighten the load.

It is more important to plan in advance, since a cost model like RISE is opting into pre-agreeing what your system volumes will look like over the course of the contract. You need a clear strategy from the outset that includes enough space for test systems in your planning, in line with the refresh strategy and timings; but where the balance comes in is not oversizing it.

Join us in this webinar, during which Daniel Parker will share some of the insights and cost savings that can be made when you are moving your systems with RISE. Daniel will cover:

  • Strategies to minimise your data footprint when moving to S/4HANA
  • How to gain insights into your current data footprint to make savings in the long run
  • Ways to maintain a lower data footprint in non-production, even when your production is growing
  • What data to archive as a way to reduce your data footprint and security risks.
About the presenter

Daniel Parker | Solutions Director at EPI-USE Labs

With 20 years of SAP experience, Daniel Parker specialises in data copy automation and data security. With a strong Basis background Daniel has led technical teams around the SAP Lifecycle of Implementations, Upgrades, Conversions & Migrations. He leads an experienced consulting team and delivers a variety of SAP landscape optimisation solutions to organisations in the Asia Pacific region.