Let's Connect: Virtual User Group event 2021

EPI-USE Labs hosted a virtual User Group event from 15 to 19 March 2021. We had a fantastic week, and were delighted to connect with many of our clients. We shared sessions from a wide range of top clients, SAP and EPI-USE Labs industry experts.

Further to numerous requests, we are keeping the content available for you to watch on demand. Recordings of the live sessions, including responses to some fascinating questions, are also available. The content is set out so that you can pick and choose whichever of the sessions you are interested in.

Enjoy interviews, demos and industry insights and get inspired! 
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Get insights from top companies including...



Beter Bed


Compass Group
Isle of Wight



Norges Gruppen



Rémy Cointreau




TATA Steel




Wedlake Bell

Watch a selection of on-demand videos

Watch ten-minute pre-recorded sessions across any of the topics below. Find out how others are navigating their SAP transformations, get up to speed on the latest industry trends and EPI-USE Labs innovations, and be inspired by new ideas and solutions. 

Post-Brexit impact on GDPR legislation for UK and EU businessesList item
Presented by: James Castro-Edwards Paul Hammersley
SAP data scrambling at Camelot
Presented by: Leigh Soper
Securing non-production systems at Tata Steel
Presented by: Hermien van Lith
What is business-centric GRC?
Presented by: Roy Topham
Product updates in Soterion
Presented by: Emile Steyn
Data Secure 3: Walkthrough and update
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
Reactive security monitoring
Presented by: Nick Hills
What does a role redesign project entail?
Presented by: Roy Topham
Data Privacy Suite overview and update
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
Understanding SAP role redesign projects with Soterion
Presented by: Dudley Cartwright Roy Topham
JM AB's GDPR journey to a live, compliant solution
Presented by: Richard Wenell
Running Soterion for Access Risk and Compliance at Compass Group
Presented by: David Hall
Data Sync Manager product update and live Q&A
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
Vodafone's release strategy with Data Sync Manager
Presented by: Barry Dewey
Managing the SAP landscape at Rabobank
Presented by: Jan Huizinga
SAP test data on demand at BeterBed
Presented by: Sebastián Groosman
Creating test data at Rémy Cointreau
Presented by: Eric Dupont
Working with on-demand & scrambled test data in SAP BW for Achmea
Presented by: Tom Hardeman
Improve test data & manage tight project deadlines
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
Client Sync: Product update with five tips for users
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
Archive Central: Product demonstration
Presented by: Anrich van Schalkwyk
Shell Sync - what it is and why it's different
Presented by: Tiaan Scheepers
Data Strategies for SAP transformations
Presented by: Warren Eiserman Sylvain Bernard Jamie Neilan
Successful carve-out project for AstraZeneca
Presented by: Doug Scott
System Landscape Optimisation (SLO) from KPMG's perspective
Presented by: Ram Balasubramanian
How COVID-19 challenged the SAP system landscape management at Norgesgruppen
Presented by: John Chr Hveding
Landscape management best practice before, during and after your S/4HANA upgrade
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
System Landscape Optimisation (SLO)
Presented by: Sylvain Bernard
Norwegian SAP user group supporting their users during 2021
Presented by: Eva-Maria Fahrer
Navigating the SAP Roadmap with the VNSG
Presented by: Hans de Labije
Overview about UK and Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG)
Presented by: Paul Cooper
Navigating the SAP HCM journey
Presented by: Danielle Larocca Simon Humphreys
Creating secure test data for SuccessFactors at PostNL
Presented by: Jack Naudé
Solving Nestlé’s complex SAP HCM reporting requirements
Presented by: Sally Sayner Suzanne Bews
SAP HCM reporting at Cadent Gas
Presented by: Mike Gleeson
Query Manager 4: product update and tips
Presented by: Eben de Lange
Query Manager 4: Document Builder and Add-ons Update
Presented by: Eben de Lange Jhani Coetzee
Variance Monitor: Introducing CSV Adapters and how to build data comparison dashboards
Presented by: Frans Wichmann
What you need to know about People Analytics
Presented by: Danielle Larocca
GeoClock: Supercharge and Simplify Employee Central Time Management
Presented by: Jodan Alberts
Making mass data changes in SuccessFactors
Presented by: François Breed
Data Sync Manager: Object Sync for SuccessFactors Hybrid
Presented by: Danielle Larocca Paul Hammersley
Partnership between Isle of Wight Council and EPI-USE Labs: Two years later
Presented by: Dean Finlayson
SAP to Azure Migration: project considerations
Presented by: Phil Quinton
AWS Launch Wizard demo : Accelerate your SAP Deployments
Presented by: Stefan Bekker
Private cloud: Fully managed to your needs
Presented by: Ludi Nel
AWS 2021 Trends
Presented by: Jonathan Lake
Maximising the value of your SAP investment. 
Presented by: Evan Jones

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Meet our speakers


Simon Humphreys Simon Humphreys

Solution Architect for SuccessFactors Core HR and related capabilities at SAP

James Castro Edwards James Castro Edwards

Data Protection Partner at Wedlake Bell & Principal at ProDPO

Barry Dewey Barry Dewey

Head of Release and Support at Vodafone

Doug Scott Doug Scott

SAP Director, Europe at Astrazeneca

Hermien van Lith Hermien van Lith

Service Manager SAP Basis and Unix at Tata Steel

Jack Naudé Jack Naudé

Solution Consultant SAP HCM and SuccessFactors at PostNL

Leigh Soper Leigh Soper

Business Relationship and Demand Manager - Technology at Camelot UK Lotteries Limited

Jan Huizinga Jan Huizinga

SAP consultant at Rabobank ICT

Eric Dupont Eric Dupont

Information Systems Architect at Rémy Cointreau

Dean Finlayson Dean Finlayson

Corporate Application Development Lead at Isle of Wight Council

Ram Balasubramanian Ram Balasubramanian

Senior Manager at KPMG Nederland

Sally Sayner Sally Sayner

HR Business Solutions Specialist at Nestlé

Suzanne Bews Suzanne Bews

Business Solutions HR Team Lead at Nestlé

Michael Gleeson Michael Gleeson

Director of HRIS & Programmes at Cadent Gas Limited

Hans de Labije Hans de Labije

Managing Director at VNSG

Richard Wenell Richard Wenell

Head of IT department at JM

Tom Hardeman Tom Hardeman

Analytics expert, Consultant and Architect at Achmea

John Christian Hveding John Christian Hveding

Group leader SAP Architecture and Platform

Dudley Cartwright Dudley Cartwright

CEO at Soterion

Danielle Larocca Danielle Larocca

SAP Mentor and SVP HCM Solutions at EPI-USE Labs

Jonathan Lake Jonathan Lake

SAP Business Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

David Hall David Hall

Head of Business Solutions at Compass Group UK & Ireland

Sebastián Groosman Sebastián Groosman

IT Manager at Beter Bed

Evan Jones Evan Jones

Managing Director, EPI-USE Labs Europe

Paul Hammersley Paul Hammersley

SVP ALM Product Portfolio at EPI-USE Labs

Roy Topham Roy Topham

Security Solutions Lead for Europe at EPI-USE Labs

Jhani Coetzee Jhani Coetzee

Software Engineer at EPI-USE Labs

Eben de Lange Eben de Lange

Query Manager Lead Developer at EPI-USE Labs

Emile Steyn Emile Steyn

Business Unit Director at Soterion Benelux

Frans Wichmann Frans Wichmann

Software Engineer at EPI-USE Labs

Jodan Alberts Jodan Alberts

Software Engineer at EPI-USE Labs

François Breed François Breed

SAP HCM specialist at EPI-USE Labs

Ludi Nel Ludi Nel

CEO of iSphere Cloud

Anrich van Schalkwyk Anrich van Schalkwyk

Software Engineer at EPI-USE Labs

Nick Hills Nick Hills

Splunk & Security Architect at EPI-USE Labs

Stefan Bekker Stefan Bekker

Public Cloud AWS Lead at EPI-USE Labs

Tiaan Scheepers Tiaan Scheepers

Chief Technology Officer at EPI-USE Labs

Phil Quinton Phil Quinton

Global Cloud Product Manager at EPI-USE Labs

Izak de Villiers Izak de Villiers

Software Developer at EPI-USE Labs

Charl van der Westhuizen Charl van der Westhuizen

Document Builder Product Lead at EPI-USE Labs

Nikki Cox Nikki Cox

Cloud & Managed Services Account Manager at EPI-USE Labs

Jamie Neilan Jamie Neilan

Director of Services at EPI-USE Labs