GDPR Compliance Suite for SAP

EPI-USE Labs has spent over thirty years in the SAP data space creating and developing advanced software solutions with proven track records. We’ve put our experience to work to develop the SAP GDPR Compliance Suite, to help you ready yourself for GDPR compliance - both reactively, and proactively.

Data Disclose

Instant reporting tool for highlighting sensitive data across your SAP portfolio - addresses the Right of Access (GDPR article 15)

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Data Redact

Intelligently removes or replaces sensitive data in your SAP systems and beyond - reactively addresses the Right to be Forgotten (GDPR article 17)

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Data Retain

Rule framework for periodic redaction of sensitive data - proactively addresses the Right to be Forgotten (GDPR article 17)

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Leveraging trusted technology

Data Disclose, Data Redact and Data Retain are built on a solid foundation of existing technology and Intellectual Property. Our GDPR Compliance Suite leverages our industry-leading Data Sync Manager Product Suite™ which offers a semantic understanding of your SAP environment and provides data sub-setting and secure rule-based masking capabilities.

For more information, please schedule a discovery session, watch our on-demand GDPR webinars or learn more about our GDPR Consulting Services.