Simplify mass updates to your SuccessFactors data

Mass Data Workbench: How to quickly update and approve mass changes in Employee Central 

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Ready to-use pre-delivery reports

Reduce workload

Data sources delivered

Eliminate manual data entry

Reduced report creation time

Avoid data inconsistencies

SAP SuccessFactors: Improve data audit controls and reduce risk

Mass Data Workbench integrates with SuccessFactors Employee Central, allowing you to make changes in bulk to data in real-time.

With a dedicated dashboard to enable administrators and managers to view, edit and approve data changes in bulk, Mass Data Workbench has the added benefit of using existing business rules and workflows within Employee Central.

Make changes en-masse to ensure a quicker turnaround time

Examples of mass data changes that can be made:

  • Terminations
  • Position
  • Job information
  • Updates for pay components

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Improve insight and save time

Get powerful, real-time integration

Get powerful, real-time integration

Update your SuccessFactors Employee Data with powerful, real-time integration. Ensure data privacy by respecting your existing role-based permissions. Leverage the integration with SuccessFactors workflows and business rules without staging data.

Give your team more time

Give your team more time

Make mass changes to values accurately with real-time data. Ensure that changes are processed through the appropriate approvals, with a detailed, auditable tracking log. Provide your HR team with an improved employee experience.

Improve your overall data quality

Improve your overall data quality

Improve data quality, and apply Segregation of Duties. Reduce the risks associated with mass data changes via the upload of spreadsheets due to departmental restructuring, mass intake of new interns, or mass changes to existing job information, bonus payments and more.

Access powerful features to simplify mass changes

Apply changes to mass data, with approvals

Implement mass data changes efficiently and securely with full approval control. Avoid manual, single-data entries.

Remain compliant with data privacy laws

Stay compliant with data privacy laws by getting your data directly from SuccessFactors.

Run Mass Data Workbench on any modern cloud platform

Run Mass data Workbench on SAP Cloud, AWS, Azure, or any of the EPI-USE Labs data centers.

Increase accuracy of data maintenance

Access data in real time from SuccessFactors and ensure more accurate data.

Auditable change recording

Get detailed logs of changes in an audit log and in SuccessFactors Admin Center.

No replication of data

Submit changes directly in SuccessFactors, i.e. not staged in a local repository.

Get your free reference guide to mass data tools for SAP SuccessFactors

As part of the standard SuccessFactors suite, there are a few tools available that can be used to perform mass changes on data within SuccessFactors. This data includes Employee- and Employment-related data, as well as metadata, framework-based data (such as Organizational Structure Data) and client-specific objects.

Download your copy for an overview of standard SAP SuccessFactors mass data tools, including a step-by-step guide on how to use each of them.

mass data tools for SAP SuccessFactors

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