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Query Manager enables Cadent Gas to streamline and onshore all HR SAP reporting

Query Manager saves time and costs for UK’s largest gas distribution network

554 automated reports

40% reduction in
payroll processing time

80% reduction in
ad-hoc report queries

About Cadent Gas

Cadent Gas is the UK’s largest gas distribution network. The company manages a network of more than 80,000 miles of pipes, most of them underground, which transport gas to 11 million customers. It also provides services to help connect or disconnect to a gas supply or alter the position of existing meters or gas pipes. Cadent Gas operates throughout the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, East of England and North London.

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Pandemic creates need for cost-effective, in-house
SAP HCM reporting solution

Cadent Gas, one of the UK’s largest utilities’ suppliers, has a big demand for HCM reporting and payroll automation. Until the pandemic, it relied on an offshore model. A team in India had managed all the back-office activities such as HR reporting, transactional HR tasks and running the payroll.

Due to the staffing shortages caused by the pandemic, Cadent Gas lost its overseas team overnight and was left without support. Normally, the team in India would have created over 200 HCM reports per month manually, but Cadent now needed to create them internally.

Query Manager eliminates the barriers between technical and non-technical staff, allowing the HR team to work more independently.

Michael Gleeson
Director of HRIS, Payroll & Business data @ Cadent Gas

Query Manager with Document Builder allows automated
reporting and document creation

Cadent Gas began an onshoring project to streamline and automate SAP® reporting and payroll processes, handling everything in-house.

Using EPI-USE Labs’ Query Manager™ with Document Builder™, HCM managers can create their own fully-customised reports independently. The solution can produce both standard and customised reports. This facility brings flexibility to operational reporting. Two further benefits are managing reports centrally and distributing the workload across more employees. In the offshore team, five people had created over 200 SAP reports manually per month using standard tools and Microsoft Excel. This new solution means that reports are automated, and one person can manage the process on a day-to-day basis.

SAP HR reports in Query Manager enabled
the HR Team to be more efficient

The HR team from Cadent Gas can now access data or build a custom transaction without involving an IT technician. This helps to optimise resources and reduces costs. Thanks to Query Manager with Document Builder, the barriers between technical and non-technical staff have been eliminated, instigating a more positive approach to data. The functional team can now access, audit and work with the data autonomously, making the whole process more agile and efficient.


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