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Creating test systems for CD - Informační Systémy achieves time saving of 80%

Data Sync Manager: Client Sync™ and Data Sync Manager: System Builder™ provide flexibility in the SAP environment and infrastructure savings for Czech Railways Group.

Hardware resource savings of at least 60% on a single test system

80% reduction in time to create test system

The ability to create a test environment almost instantly

About ČD - Informační Systémy

ČD - Informační Systémy (ČD-IS) provides ICT services in transport and logistics for Czech Railways. These services include application development and operations, system integration services, ERP systems’ operation, and IT support and maintenance. ČD-IS’s main clients are internal companies in the Czech Railways Group.

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ČD-IS was faced with two significant challenges:

  • For many of its projects, there was insufficient capacity to create an adequate SAP environment.
  • System copying was very costly. Its existing systems on HANA DB were resource intensive in terms of hardware resources, and standard system copying was unsustainable in the longer term.

Data Sync Manager: Client Sync and System Builder are user-friendly tools with a sophisticated data selection mechanism. By investing in them, we have saved a huge amount of time and costs.

Jiří Krasilov
Head of SAP Group, ČD - Informační Systémy


ČD-IS is now using two EPI-USE Labs’ solutions from the Data Sync Manager™ suite: Client Sync and System Builder.

Client Sync creates a copy of the production system with a consistent time slice for testing and updating non-production systems. System Builder automates the process of creating new non-production systems.

For ČD-IS sandboxes, the main reason for choosing these tools was to simplify and speed up the copy creation process, in particular saving hardware resources on certified HANA database hardware. One of the advantages of using Data Sync Manager is the ability to time-slice production data consistently.


The key benefits arising from this project are:

  • more efficient use of resources for development and testing
  • financial savings in hardware.

The most significant immediate improvement for ČD-IS is that its implementation projects no longer have to wait for a system rewrite. The client can now create an ad hoc system for a specific project at any time. In the longer term, the ability to timeslice production data using Data Sync Manager: Client Sync will be of great benefit in saving hardware resources as its HANA database grows.

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