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Query Manager 4: Introduction (QM 001)

Get to know Query Manager as a solution that reports on accurate, meaningful, real-time information from various SAP® data sources.

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Query Manager 4: Fundamentals (QM 101)

Gain an understanding of Query design and learn to navigate the fundamental aspects of Query Manager.

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Query Manager 4: Intermediate training (QM 201)

Deepen your knowledge of Query Manager and gain the ability to create more complex Queries for your reporting needs.

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Document Builder: Introduction (DB 001)

'See how, with Document Builder, you can quickly and securely design, generate and distribute professional-looking documents in SAP.

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Document Builder: Creating basic documents (DB 600)

Learn how to design, generate and distribute professional HR documents, live from your SAP HCM system, with Document Builder.

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Document Builder: Templates (DB 203)

Unlock a new level of knowledge about Document Builder templates.

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Data Sync Manager 5: Introduction (DSM 001)

Learn how Data Sync Manager allows you to effectively and conveniently copy and mask data within your SAP® landscape.

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Object Sync for HCM: Fundamentals (DSM 101)

Unearth the object-copying richness and uniqueness of DSM Object Sync in this fundamentals course.

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Variance Monitor: Introduction (VM 001)

Discover the unique power of Variance Monitor and how it enables you to automatically compare and highlight differences in SAP HCM data.

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