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EPI-USE Labs’ Custom Development team is a group of specialists who develop and create tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of individual companies. No challenge goes untackled. A combination of technical skills and an in-depth understanding of enterprise-scope software has enabled the team to deliver solutions across the globe.

Our core focus is on developing and integrating different systems with SAP so that you get the full value of all the systems. Apart from technological and intellectual drive, the team has one other value at its heart: partnerships. Forming long-term partnerships with clients is both a strategy and an aspiration because it is in working together that quality, purpose-built technology and software are created.

Our strengths:Custom Development

Extending SAP Landscape managementExtending SAP and SuccessFactors

Central to our skills is Data Sync Manager (DSM) and its suite of landscape management products for SAP. DSM is designed to be a turnkey enabler, but we can use this experience and library content to tailor the product to meet complex challenges. In other words, DSM can be customized to meet your requirements. Data security is also a critical requirement that needs to be addressed. Through Data Secure and extra customisation we can take your SAP security and extend it to other systems.

Additional servicesAdditional services

We are adept at mobile application development. The focus is on Java and Ruby on Rails® and we are highly proficient with SAPUI5. Through these we can develop mobile applications for Android, IOS and Windows, or mobile, desktop and web applications or interfaces.