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data Disclose

Data Disclose
part of the Data Privacy Suite for SAP solutions

Data Disclose can help you shine a light on the dark dusty corners of your SAP systems so you can see exactly where sensitive data resides. The application finds, retrieves and presents a subject's data footprint across SAP systems – and as an added benefit, across non-SAP systems as well, if integrated with the former's API. It does this in seconds across SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, BW and any other ABAP stack systems. This is no mean feat, when you consider that SAP systems store data in an intricate way; SAP is highly configurable, with data replicated across the system in many different places.

Data Disclose is built on a solid foundation of existing technology and Intellectual Property (IP) by leveraging our well-established software products.


Addressing the Right of Access (GDPR article 15)

Because people have the right to ask for details about their data, organisations need to know which personal data is stored where, and for what purpose. This can be hugely time-consuming; the ability to find this data quickly and efficiently becomes crucial.

With Data Disclose, we can help you see exactly where the data resides across systems. The application finds, retrieves and presents a subject’s data footprint across SAP systems – and across non-SAP systems if integrated with the former’s API. 

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Why Data Disclose?

Data Disclose can bring considerable peace of mind, especially when weighed-up against the stringent requirements of the new laws. It's a unique software application which allows you to locate and display data across your SAP systems in seconds, with APIs to also connect non-SAP systems. Built on a solid foundation of existing technology and Intellectual Property (IP) , it leverages our well-established software product Data Secure (part of the Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite), and can present the data in a flexible, encrypted company-branded PDF output.

 For more information, please schedule a discovery session or watch our on-demand GDPR webinars.

Two other EPI-USE Labs products, Data Redact and Data Retain, can help you with an individual's rights to have personal data erased, and our XML Object Extractor can ensure the right to portability (Article 20 of the GDPR).

DSM for IS-U

Content pending

DSM For Oil & Gas

Content pending

DSM for Public Sector

EPI-USE Labs works with a great number of public sector organizations, and has specific capability to handle test data management needs for organizations in this sector. Object Sync seamlessly manages multiple employment contracts, and Grants Management and Funds Management have dedicated objects for copying test data on demand for those complex testing situations.

DSM for Bank Analyser

Organizations leveraging the Bank Analyzer solution from SAP can now carry out lean system refreshes with Client Sync on the Bank Analyzer system whenever the backend system is being refreshed. The post-processing in Client Sync automates around two days of manual effort normally required after a system copy for Bank Analyzer test systems.

DSM for Insurance

DSM contains specific objects and functionality for the Insurance industry, including the ability to copy FSCD data on-demand for a specific Business Partner or Contract Account. ICM and Claims Management data is also covered.

DSM for Retail

For over ten years, DSM has catered for the demanding needs of the Retail sector for test data on demand and lean testing client provisioning. Complex document flows are supported out of the box, with the ability to extend for non-standard configuration. Challenging data to recreate for testing can easily be replicated, including site data, article hierarchies, listings and assortment modules.