data Disclose.png Data Disclose


Data Disclose can help you shine a light on the dark dusty corners of your SAP systems so you can see exactly where sensitive data resides. The application finds, retrieves and presents a subject's data footprint across SAP systems – and as an added benefit, across non-SAP systems as well, if integrated with the former's API. It does this in seconds across SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, BW and any other ABAP stack systems.

Data Disclose is built on a solid foundation of existing technology and Intellectual Property (IP) by leveraging our well-established software products.

Addressing the Right of Access (GDPR article 15)

Because people have the right to ask for details about their data, organisations need to know which personal data is stored where, and for what purpose. This can be hugely time-consuming; the ability to find this data quickly and efficiently becomes crucial.

The following steps show how the process is implemented:

Enter key data fields such as last name, city etc.

You can enter and search all SAP systems such as ERP, CRM, BW across the full landscape (Production, Development, Quality Assurance etc.)

The app provides a detailed footprint report

for that data subject in each system. The report can be tailored to explain the functions of each system, then a PDF output created.

Use this PDF document

to disclose to the individual what information your company currently has in the landscape.

Business Benefits

Data Disclose can bring considerable peace of mind, especially when weighed-up against the stringent requirements of the new laws.

For more information, please schedule a discovery session, watch our on-demand GDPR webinars or read our GDPR FAQs.

Two other new EPI-USE Labs products, Data Redact and Data Retain, can help you with an individual's rights to have personal data erased, and our XML Object Extractor can ensure the right to portability (Article 20 of the GDPR).