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Get everything you need to build and maintain a cost-effective, secure HCM environment.

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Free yourself from HCM risk and complexity

With EPI-USE Labs, you can maximize your SAP® HCM investment and focus on getting results.


Analyze and report on HR data in real time

Get critical HR data as it happens with real-time reporting in SAP and SuccessFactors. Refresh, analyze, share and interact with your critical HCM and Payroll data, live in Microsoft Excel. Design, generate and distribute reports and documents for intelligent HCM.

Expertly manage HR data variances

Accurately highlight variances in HR, Payroll and Time data-sets. Simplify HR and Payroll data comparisons. Keep data in sync between SAP and SuccessFactors. Ensure audit-proof HCM results, and eliminate manual effort.

Test your HR system using real data

Include valid SAP data in non-production systems while keeping sensitive data safe and secure. Create high-integrity anonymized testing and training data automatically, with less business downtime. Surgically select time-sliced cluster data and organizational objects.

Automate the creation of professional, customized employee documents

Generate and distribute professional, richly formatted documents, forms and contracts automatically, live from SAP and SuccessFactors. Leverage company-branded templates inside your secure SAP environment and make them your own. Enjoy professional reports and documents without the need for ABAP or technical support.

Empower your employees with a secure platform to manage support requests

Give your employees a world-class HR service delivery platform so they can enjoy a context-aware and secure service desk when engaging with SAP SuccessFactors.

Benefit from best practice professionals to support your digital transformation

Maintain your solutions and maximize the return on your investment with the expertise of dedicated global support teams and tailored training.

Deliver intelligent HCM outcomes on time. Without fail.

Get on top of your HCM challenges

Monitor and manage variances

Automatically highlight variances whenever changes are introduced into your SAP HCM data.

Generate accurate, meaningful reports

Extract accurate, meaningful data in real-time from your SAP HCM and Payroll systems. No programming required.

Create professional, personalized documents quickly

Format documents easily and communicate on-brand without effort.

Secure your non-production HCM data

Copy and scramble your HCM production data in non- production systems for testing, training, and support.

Give employees excellent support

Empower your employees with world-class support. Use flexible ticketing and context-aware help with built-in automation to get your employees the support they deserve.

A full-featured HCM solution

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Let our experts support your move to SuccessFactors.


Perform an in-depth evaluation of your current HCM systems.


Design a detailed implementation plan.

Build & Test

Commission, test and build environments.

Go Live

Implement the final cut-over and production support.


Provide web-based reporting access to legacy payroll system.


 Make HCM more human.

Empower your HR team to focus on the things that matter.

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How we helped others

We now have much better data in our test environments. Object Sync allows the business user to be self-sufficient.

Sandeep Pulavarty, SAP Development Manager, Gulfmark Offshore

We used DSM Object Sync to take the GL data out of production, exported it in real time, transferred it to a flat file and imported it through acceptance. What used to be a nine-day process now takes only one hour!

Darryl Edwards, Livestock Improvement Corporation

It is very gratifying to see DSM tick all the boxes on a client's wish list, time and time again. It is the best data copy solution on the market.

Hilton Anspach, EPI-USE Labs

We absolutely counted on those reports to help us identify the variances, help the testing teams focus, and also show the management that we were working through the problems.

John Cloud, IT Business Analyst, NRG

What I appreciate very much is the rapid, non-bureaucratic, uncomplicated assistance from the EPI-USE Labs team. Query Manager should be, in my opinion, part of the standard SAP HR solution.

Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll, Zürich Airport

The beauty of this product is our testing process is easy to follow and now takes days instead of months.

Sam Musharbash, Senior Business Analyst, Payroll Support, University of Tennessee

We now have much better data in our test environments. Object Sync allows the business user to be self-sufficient. They have the flexibility to select only the data they want to copy... you don’t have to move all employees, just the ones you want to.

Sandeep Pulavarty, SAP Development Manager, Gulfmark Offshore

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