EPI-USE Labs and Evolutio Have Entered Into a Strategic Partnership

EPI-USE Labs and Evolutio have entered into a strategic partnership

EPI-USE Labs and Evolutio have entered into a strategic partnership, and EPI-USE Labs has acquired a significant equity interest in Evolutio. EPI-USE Labs, and now Evolutio, are both members of the groupelephant.com family of boutique services and software companies.

Evolutio is a group of technology professionals who live and breathe big data. They use AppDynamics and Splunk to monitor, secure and troubleshoot enterprise software stacks. Founded in 2018, Evolutio has enjoyed rapid growth and success.

Evolutio leverages IT operations data to support strategic decision-making that drives revenue, reduces costs and improves security. With most companies moving to the cloud, technology stacks are becoming increasingly complex, and require specialized products that monitor end-to-end business transactions.

Collaborating with Evolutio means EPI-USE Labs is in an excellent position to bring these capabilities to SAP clients.

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How we bring AppDynamics to SAP

AppDynamics is a performance management and IT operations analytics company. Migrating your business operations to the cloud means employing a variety of software and platforms, making up a solution stack. The different layers of the IT stack need to speak to each other and work together; however, the complexity of these environments often causes problems, manifesting in unintended system inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Sending your team in to investigate where the issue exists can be resource intensive. If your applications are performing poorly, you can expect a loss in revenue, increase in costs, and growing team frustration.

The partnership between EPI-USE Labs and Evolutio means our clients can also enjoy the end-to-end operational visibility that AppDynamics offers. AppDynamics has now released agents that can monitor and troubleshoot SAP systems up to the ABAP code level. Performance problems will inevitably occur in complex SAP systems, but AppDynamics offers you a real-time view of exactly how your applications are working together and where there are inefficiencies or problems in the end-to-end business transaction flow, on an easy-to-understand flow map.

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How we bring Splunk to SAP

How we bring Splunk to SAP

Splunk is best known as the most advanced enterprise Security Information and Event Management platform (SIEM). Splunk analyzes the stream of data produced by your daily operational activities and churns out clear, valuable insights – an unachievable feat if performed manually. It can find out exactly what you need to know to manage and prevent events happening in your operations that fall outside of the norm. Splunk can find the needle in the haystack of your business operations information that could indicate a data security attack.

Evolutio and EPI-USE Labs provide solutions that leverage the power of Splunk to secure and monitor attacks across SAP systems.  Cenoti connects your SAP system to Splunk, so you can manage your entire enterprise security monitoring via a single Splunk dashboard.

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