Explore S/4HANA With Your Own Data

Our S/4 value exploration offer provides sophisticated tools and services to migrate, optimize, host and secure your SAP system. Instead of taking a full copy of your productive ECC system, we are able to intelligently extract a masked slice of your SAP system for use in the S/4HANA value exploration – without disruption to your existing landscape.

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Play in the Sand for less

SAP recommends running at least two Sandbox upgrade dress rehearsals, at least four months before you're ready to start with the real landscape. As most companies don't have HANA-ready hardware available, a temporary HANA appliance is required. Using our Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) solution, we take an enterprise and/or time slice of the existing production system, so that you have a leaner test system through which to explore the various conversion and data quality activities. The temporary hardware requirements can be reduced dramatically with DSM. And the data can be secured by masking sensitive personal information before it leaves the network.
We can manage and support the technical aspects of the Sandbox, allowing you to focus on understanding the functional changes required.
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Accelerate test cycles

Smaller SAP systems provide more agility in the value exploration phase. Having a smaller system accelerates the conversion process and enables your business team to quickly retest configuration and business transactions.

Data Sync Manager

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Scramble sensitive data

By scrambling your sensitive production data, you are able to give wide access to your business and testing team without compromising any sensitive data. Configuration and master data will be ‘production-like’ – allowing you to test and validate features and functions of the S/4 solution, and not contravene any privacy regulations.

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Automated analysis

While SAP offers excellent readiness reporting and business scenario recommendations for S/4, we offer additional insight to determine if a selective data migration may be appropriate for your landscape (instead of an ‘all or nothing’ conversion choice). Our analysis provides: historical analysis of your business transactions and enterprise structures; implemented enhancements and associated custom code; technical logs for size optimizations.


Reduce application footprint

Reducing the size of your test system brings down the cost of the value exploration exercise. A smaller HANA DB footprint means more cost savings on the project (we typically reduce the production system by over 75%).

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Test only relevant configuration and code

When using a copy of production, you ensure that your business is only testing code and configuration that has been promoted to production. Orphaned special projects and abandoned custom code in your QA and DEV systems are not included in the exploration system.

One technical specialist partner

The value exploration phase includes the cloud infrastructure (public or private), so there are no hidden infrastructure costs or provisioning delays. You deal with a single technical migration team with a fixed infrastructure cost component, which can also assist with additional technical activities such as unicode conversion or ABAP code remediation.



Fast start, with single contract

When engaging with us, you have one technical partner to undertake the migration, provisioning and management of your system. The price includes all cloud infrastructure, with the comfort that all your sensitive data is scrambled before leaving your current data center. We offer month-to-month hosting should you require longer access to the solution.

Certified operations and solutions

Our hosting operations and SAP solutions are certified, providing clients with peace of mind that their data and associated provisioning is handled in a secure and efficient manner (certifications include ISO27001, SOC Type 2 & HiPPA compliance).


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