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SAP is a highly flexible, configurable system; changes must be made and tested in non-production systems. Many businesses that run SAP face a common challenge: how to get real SAP data into non-production systems for testing, training and production support.



 Test data management

A proactive approach to provisioning test data management in an SAP landscape can help you adapt quickly to rapidly changing business needs, from increasing data growth to special projects and system updates. Accurate, reliable test data is essential - and simple to achieve with the right software. Allow your business users controlled access to manage and copy test data, all while protecting and scrambling sensitive data.

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System copy and refresh solutions

Complete SAP system copies are time-consuming and costly; the process of copying large volumes of data is slow, resulting in down-time, expensive data storage and data redundancy. We can help you reduce the footprint when refreshing existing test clients or creating new ones, and copy selected data on demand, resulting in considerable cost and time savings.

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Scrambling and security

Traditional software testing methods have succumbed to data privacy threats; there is a real risk of sensitive data being seen by unauthorized eyes, especially as non-production environments are not as tightly controlled as production. We can mask and scramble sensitive data throughout your landscape before the data leaves the source systems and ensure that all the disparate SAP systems have coherent and consistent scrambling. Pre-defined rule sets allow businesses to accelerate their testing, all while reducing the the risk of exposing sensitive data across your landscape.

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Who we have helped

Data Sync Manager has provided perfect data quality without significant load on the systems, and test and training systems are much smaller now.

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DSM has had a profound effect on our training... There is no post-processing and the costs of 260GB of disk are saved, every time!

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