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Digital HR is fundamentally transforming the way organizations think about HR and people management, bringing numerous challenges to business leaders. We can help you not only to adapt to but embrace the changes transforming today’s workplace, with a range of solutions and services designed to achieve your maximum ROI for your investment in SAP HCM.
We offer a comprehensive HCM Productivity Suite which brings you the following benefits for both on-premise and SAP SuccessFactors:

Why is test data so important in SAP environments?

Because of the architecture and integrated data model, SAP test and development systems very quickly diverge from the state of the Production system - either via data changes in Production, or changes en route through the landscape, or via testing and training activities in those systems themselves. This makes it difficult to provide an accurate reflection of how a change will impact Production, effectively train new users, and support issues that do arise in Production. This means in many cases SAP professionals carry out activities in Production which should only ever be done in pre-Production environments. The ability to provision accurate test data removes the need to carry out such activities in Production.

HCM Productivity Suite


Highlight variances in SAP HCM data

Variance Monitor

Your SAP HCM data is at risk whenever a change is introduced – whether through business/configuration changes or technical/landscape changes. Variance Monitor™ gives you the power and control you need to single out variances in SAP HCM data. It’s easy to set tolerance levels and automate comparisons. Your role becomes proactive, and you can evaluate differences and resolve them with ease.



“The beauty of this product is our testing process is easy to follow and now takes days instead of months”

Sam Musharbash, Senior Business Analyst, Payroll Support, University of Tennessee

Highlighting Variances in SAP HCM Data


Simplified and Secure SAP HCM Reporting


Simplify and secure SAP HCM reporting

Query Manager for HCM

How do you extract accurate, meaningful and real-time information from all of your SAP HCM and Payroll data? Query Manager is a complete and powerful SAP ERP HCM reporting solution which integrates on-premise data with data in SuccessFactors. You can view your reports in the SAP GUI, as a tile in SAP SuccessFactors, or via a browser from your computer or tablet.

With Query Manager’s Microsoft Excel Add-in, you can refresh, analyse, share, and present your critical SAP HCM data, dynamically in Microsoft Excel. And SuccessFactors data is available as a data source in Query Manager, so it can be included with any data in SAP, or any external system. So if you have both environments – with some of your data in an on-premise SAP system, and some in the SAP SuccessFactors system – you can include data from both systems to run consolidated reports. 



“I don’t know why anyone would not have Query Manager; the benefits and the value-add far outweigh the costs. It pays for itself in a couple of months and empowers the HR team.”

Michael Gleeson, Head of Shared Services Systems and Management Information, Amey

Generate professional, richly-formatted documents

Document Builder for HCM

Your SAP ERP system contains critical information to help you run your business. You send thousands of letters to your employees each year, and creating these letters manually is time consuming and error prone. Document Builder enables you to design, generate and distribute professional HR documents, live from your SAP HCM system. Use a single document to output multiple versions of a letter that includes different content based on custom conditions. Document Builder also leverages third-party solution DocuSign to allow users to electronically sign, prepare, act on, and manage documents.



“We have been very happy with Document Builder; it was a worthwhile investment for us, and we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from those using it.”

Richard Cain, HR Systems Adviser, Dorset Council

Generating Professional, Richly-Formatted Documents


Flexible, Secure Data Copying and Scrambling


Enjoy flexible, secure data copying and scrambling

Data Sync Manager for HCM

How do you solve the challenge of ensuring access to HCM production data in non-production systems for testing, training and support? Data Sync Manager™(DSM) for HCM empowers SAP users to manage their data without reliance on the IT department, for flexible, secure data copying and scrambling across clients, producing data for testing, training and support purposes.

With this landscape management functionality, you can copy SAP systems, clients and data objects, and mask data on demand. DSM for HCM allows you to select and transfer specific HCM data objects easily and accurately, as needed, and to mask sensitive data for security and governance compliance.



"A nine-day exercise was reduced to just one hour - our accountants were blown away!"

Darryl Edwards, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC)


For those customers who wish to leverage additional functionality specifically for HR service delivery, we have a model that includes our HR Central solution.

Manage employee support requests securely

HR Central

Your employees are your most important asset, and the systems that connect them to your HR team play a crucial role. HR Central is a secure, ISO-certified platform which streamlines and manages employees’ support requests. It helps you realize world-class HR service delivery, making it a pleasure for your employees to interact with your HR team. The platform can boost productivity and ensure HR compliance.

HR Central offers:

  • Context-aware help embedded directly in SAP® SuccessFactors
  • Flexible, configurable ticketing, with built-in automation for repetitive tasks
  • Live, interactive dashboards that provide an overview of HR service delivery
  • Multilingual knowledge bases that encourage employee self-service and reduce support tickets
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) for employee skills development and regulatory compliance


Manage Employee Support Requests


DSM for IS-U

Content pending

DSM For Oil & Gas

Content pending

DSM for Public Sector

EPI-USE Labs works with a great number of public sector organizations, and has specific capability to handle test data management needs for organizations in this sector. Object Sync seamlessly manages multiple employment contracts, and Grants Management and Funds Management have dedicated objects for copying test data on demand for those complex testing situations.

DSM for Bank Analyser

Organizations leveraging the Bank Analyzer solution from SAP can now carry out lean system refreshes with Client Sync on the Bank Analyzer system whenever the backend system is being refreshed. The post-processing in Client Sync automates around two days of manual effort normally required after a system copy for Bank Analyzer test systems.

DSM for Insurance

DSM contains specific objects and functionality for the Insurance industry, including the ability to copy FSCD data on-demand for a specific Business Partner or Contract Account. ICM and Claims Management data is also covered.

DSM for Retail

For over ten years, DSM has catered for the demanding needs of the Retail sector for test data on demand and lean testing client provisioning. Complex document flows are supported out of the box, with the ability to extend for non-standard configuration. Challenging data to recreate for testing can easily be replicated, including site data, article hierarchies, listings and assortment modules.