Connect with your employees via a sophisticated HR delivery platform

With HR Central™, your employees and HR team can enjoy a context-aware, secure service desk with ticketing capabilities
seamlessly integrated with your SAP® SuccessFactors® HR System.

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Boost productivity and ensure HR compliance by offering your employees a seamless, sophisticated platform with an easy connection to your HR service delivery team


Integrate seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors

HR Central integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors as it has a similar user interface and single sign-on. The data is sourced directly from SuccessFactors to align with user roles and authorizations.


Deliver a positive HR service experience

Increase employee retention with a user-friendly interface designed for an exceptional experience for the employee, all at a low cost point.


Access easily via web browser

Cloud-based technology means no local install is required; employees can access via their smartphones and tablets.


Eliminate data sharing and security concerns

No need for third-party tools like ZenDesk or additional, costly implementation services.


Keep your sensitive HR data secure

Powered by Single sign-on technology, HR Central is a secure, ISO-certified Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.


Leverage existing organizational structure and rules

Smart routing and automation means no need to rebuild the structure; it is read directly from the source system in real time.


Get easy navigation and insights from one dashboard

Navigate easily from a clear dashboard, and view employee details and tickets, resulting in improved error resolution. The platform offers deeper insights with a complete breakdown of tickets, service level agreements and resolutions. Get a detailed overview, and build various types of customizable or configured reports to share this pertinent information. Employees can engage with intelligent ticket-handling to speed up issue or error resolution. The platform’s knowledge base is context-aware and operates with an auto-suggestion feature, so employees can find answers to their questions quickly without creating a ticket. This decreases the ticket volume for your HR service delivery team, resulting in a more efficient system.

Design training courses

HR Central ships with a lightweight Learning Management System (LMS) so you can design training courses about your company’s HR and security procedures, and improve regulatory compliance. You can embed videos, create quizzes, and track your employees’ progress.

Design training courses

Knowledge base

Create a knowledge base

With HR Central, you can create a knowledge base with ‘help’ articles for your employees. This information is crucial in driving employee self-service and reducing support tickets.

Our knowledge bases are workflow-driven content management systems with roles, visibility levels, and review processes that give you precise control over who creates, publishes, and views your content.  HR Central will automatically search your knowledge base when employees create tickets, pointing them to articles with possible solutions.

Manage employee service requests

Our ticketing system is highly flexible and customizable, and we’ll work with you to design a ticket workflow that’s tailored to your business, with built-in automation to streamline repetitive tasks. We use these industry-standard mechanisms for tickets:

  • Statuses (such as Open, Escalated to development, and Awaiting info)
  • Priorities (to identify the severity of the ticket and allocate SLAs and rules)
  • Custom fields
  • Rules (to automate ticket actions)
  • Buttons (to easily trigger custom actions, rules and statuses)
  • Workflows (which are logical containers for statuses, custom fields, rules and buttons)

These features make HR Central’s ticketing very easy for both HR teams and employees to use. 



Access all your HR needs from one integrated platform

  • Integrate with minimal effort not only to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, but also other key technologies
  • Unified ticketing processes allows secure integrated security for sensitive HR and Payroll data
  • HR Central gives you advanced reporting and Service Level Agreement (SLA) capabilities
  • Access and evaluate your data via a dynamic and flexible UI for slice/dice/filter
  • Integrate with document and archiving solutions
  • Surveying functionality is also available.