HR Central:
A World-Class HR Service Delivery Platform


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Your employees can enjoy a context-aware and secure service desk offering when engaging on SAP SuccessFactors

At EPI-USE Labs, we understand our SAP clients want easy-to-navigate, elegant solutions. HR Central is one such solution made available to all SAP SuccessFactors’ users.  

HR Central is designed to connect your most important asset, your employees, to your HR service delivery team. By offering your employees a seamless, sophisticated platform that provides them with an easy connection to your HR department, you can boost productivity and ensure HR compliance.

Your employees can enjoy a context-aware and secure service desk offering when engaging on SAP SuccessFactors

Seamless integration with SuccessFactorsSeamless integration with SuccessFactors

HR Central integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors as it has a similar user interface and single sign-on. The data is sourced directly from SuccessFactors to align with user roles and authorizations. There’s no need for third-party tools or additional, costly implementation services.

What to expect

  • Unified ticketing processes
  • Smart routing and management
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Ticket deflection
  • Learning Management System (LMS) capability
  • Answers at the quick click of a button
  • No need for third-party integration tools
  • Advanced reporting and service level agreement
  • A platform in constant improvement and development

What to expect

Why choose HR Central?

You can enjoy seamless integration of HR Central into SuccessFactors. Your HR team can navigate easily from a clear dashboard, and view employee details and tickets, resulting in improved error resolution. 

The platform offers deeper insights with a complete breakdown of tickets, service level agreements and resolutions. You can have a detailed overview, and build various types of customizable or configured reports to share this pertinent information.

Your employees and users can engage with intelligent ticket handling to speed up issue or error resolution. The context-aware platform’s knowledge base operates with an auto-suggestion feature, so employees can find answers to their questions quickly, without creating a ticket. This decreases the ticket volume for your HR service delivery team, resulting in a more efficient system. 

The platform delivers on managed employee service levels, and timeous ticket responses and resolution times. Built into the HR Central platform are reporting and advanced routing rules.

Why choose HR Central?

Why not use Employee Central Service Center?

HR Central has been designed to replace the need for the Employee Central Service Center (ECSC). ECSC is a combination of SAP and third-party technologies including:

  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)
  • SAP Jam

Implementing ECSC is a complex undertaking requiring specialists in the above technologies, and having a different set of UIs for your employees and HR service center agents to use. Read this blog for a deeper dive into the user experience and technologies implemented.

HR Central is a single solution which integrates with SuccessFactors, allowing the solution to be implemented in a matter of weeks.


DSM for IS-U

Content pending

DSM For Oil & Gas

Content pending

DSM for Public Sector

EPI-USE Labs works with a great number of public sector organizations, and has specific capability to handle test data management needs for organizations in this sector. Object Sync seamlessly manages multiple employment contracts, and Grants Management and Funds Management have dedicated objects for copying test data on demand for those complex testing situations.

DSM for Bank Analyser

Organizations leveraging the Bank Analyzer solution from SAP can now carry out lean system refreshes with Client Sync on the Bank Analyzer system whenever the backend system is being refreshed. The post-processing in Client Sync automates around two days of manual effort normally required after a system copy for Bank Analyzer test systems.

DSM for Insurance

DSM contains specific objects and functionality for the Insurance industry, including the ability to copy FSCD data on-demand for a specific Business Partner or Contract Account. ICM and Claims Management data is also covered.

DSM for Retail

For over ten years, DSM has catered for the demanding needs of the Retail sector for test data on demand and lean testing client provisioning. Complex document flows are supported out of the box, with the ability to extend for non-standard configuration. Challenging data to recreate for testing can easily be replicated, including site data, article hierarchies, listings and assortment modules.