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Digital HR is fundamentally transforming the way organizations think about HR and people management, from payroll systems and training processes, to the tools used to communicate and share information with managers and employees every day. The speed of digital innovation and managing increasing amounts of data is bringing numerous challenges to business leaders.

Real-time analysis

Real-time analytics

People are the life-blood of your company, and it’s critical for your business to be able to run accurate reports easily. SAP HCM customers face a number of challenges, including that multiple tools are required to run reports, the reliance on specially trained IT resources and essential data not being available in BW.

We provide powerful, user-friendly and flexible reporting solutions which solve these challenges by empowering end-users to create reports on their own, live in SAP, without reliance on technical resources

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Test and upgrade

Your employee data never stops changing, which makes it difficult to compare HR and Payroll data from one period to another. Throughout the SAP lifecycle, you need to compare data to ensure consistency and accuracy, including Payroll on a monthly basis, and time data such as overtime. You also need to keep new data in sync with your legacy system, and compare enormous amounts of data during business change. We offer you the power and control you need to highlight variances in SAP HCM data.

Many businesses also face a common challenge of how to get real SAP HCM data into non-production systems for testing, training and support. Accurate, reliable test data is essential. Creating testing and training data manually is an option, but this is tedious, costly and prone to errors, and results in considerable business down-time. Data protection is also crucial because of the sensitivity of personal data. Our SAP-certified solutions allow you to select and transfer specific HCM data objects easily and accurately, as needed, and to mask sensitive data for confidentiality, security and governance compliance.

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Test and upgrade


On-brand communication

On-brand communication

Large companies send thousands of letters to their employees each year, from benefits confirmation statements to annual review letters. The creation of these letters is manual, time-consuming and error-prone.

We offer solutions that enable you to design, generate and distribute professional, richly formatted HR documents automatically, live from your SAP systems.

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Future-proof payroll

SAP estimates its 13,000 SAP ERP HCM customers, including its 9,000 Payroll customers, will be moving from their on-premise systems to SAP SuccessFactors in the cloud in the coming years. SuccessFactors offers modules to replace the on-premise solutions in almost all cases, except for Payroll. SuccessFactors doesn’t offer a new payroll solution; rather this leverages the world-class multinational SAP Payroll in a hosted “cloud” environment. 

For customers looking to accelerate their HCM cloud journey, we offer the PRISM Migration Service, a turnkey service to help customers move their on-premise SAP Payroll to SuccessFactors’ Employee Central Payroll (ECP) quickly and easily, without requiring a full re-implementation.

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  Future-proof payroll



Expert insights, on demand

HCM Quality Data Webinar

Having accurate data is key to making meaningful business decisions. If the data for your employees is missing, incomplete or inaccurate, the decisions that you make that drive your business are ...



Who we have helped

With Query Manager, we can securely access and distribute all SAP HCM reports quickly across the business!

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We absolutely counted on those reports to help us identify the variances, help the testing teams focus, and also show the management that we were working through the problems.

Find out how we helped NRG identify data variances

John Cloud, IT Business Analyst, NRG

What I appreciate very much is the rapid, non-bureaucratic, uncomplicated assistance from the EPI-USE Labs team. Query Manager should be, in my opinion, part of the standard SAP HR solution.

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Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll, Zürich Airport AG

The beauty of this product is our testing process is easy to follow and now takes days instead of months.

Find out how Variance Monitor automates University of Tennessee’s HCM testing process

Sam Musharbash, Senior Business Analyst, Payroll Support, University of Tennessee

We now have much better data in our test environments. Object Sync allows the business user to be self-sufficient. They have the flexibility to select only the data they want to copy... you don’t have to move all employees, just the ones you want to.

See how we helped Gulfmark Offshore upgrade HCM

Sandeep Pulavarty, SAP Development Manager, Gulfmark Offshore