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Leading bedding specialist: “All SAP users need DSM”

Data Sync Manager (DSM) proves itself as comprehensive SAP test data tool for a leading European bedding retailer.

More agile process
and faster copies

Data compliant
with GDPR

Improved quality of
software for the business

Reduced defects in

Seeking improved testing in SAP systems

Our client, a leading bedding specialist, wanted to improve their testing environment in SAP® and make it more effective. In the past, they refreshed the acceptance environment every one or two years, but did not refresh the development environment. Because they could not test on real data, it led to uncertainty and errors in Production.

They also were looking for test data on demand to copy a subset of employees for testing and production support. Previously they could not mask or scramble the data, causing them security concerns.

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I think Data Sync Manager is something all SAP users need. I found it really hard previously as we had to do so much testing with key users after we made the copies, to make sure we had good, clear data after synchronisation; now we can speed up the process, as we don't need to do this testing with users.

IT Manager, Leading bedding specialist

Data Sync Manager: the all-round SAP test data solution

With Data Sync Manager™ (DSM), the client can now create copies of production for acceptance and development environments. DSM improved the quality of the test data, making it consistent with Production. They are now refreshing their systems much more often (every two months). The client bought DSM when moving to HANA, and could use it to create smaller systems when they implemented HANA, resulting in additional savings. In terms of on-demand data, they can now copy more than just employee data on demand, but importantly, all data can be masked. They now comply with GDPR.

We use DSM Object Sync so we can copy, clone and scramble Objects (test data on demand). We can now copy employees on a regular basis for HR, and scramble our data to comply with GDPR. It’s much faster, and we get test data at a higher level.

IT Manager, Leading bedding specialist

A user-friendly solution for all with added security

The client’s team uses Data Sync Manager around every eight weeks to refresh the non-production landscape. Having up-to-date data in the non-production systems has improved the quality of their software, with far fewer defects going into production and improving the confidence of the team. The functional team can copy SAP objects for smaller test samples. Previously, just one person could copy the data, but with DSM the whole team has the flexibility to create data. They find the solution user-friendly and intuitive.

Improved test data means better software for the client’s business. In the past, a lot of time and resources were needed to check the data of a copy before work could continue. Without this, there is more time for other business needs. All employee data is scrambled in all non-production environments to comply with GDPR and the client an extra layer of security.

Data Sync Manager came at a good time for us. We were changing to SAP on HANA, and instead of doing large copies back and forth, we were able to use DSM functionality, so we downloaded to sandboxes, made copies to Development, and made a new copy from Production to our Acceptance environment. I've been very excited by the results.

IT Manager, Leading bedding specialist

Now we have a whole team who can use DSM, we're less dependent on one person. The benefit is that we can use DSM on testing very rapidly. New functionalities which are in development can be brought to acceptance much more quickly and easily, which speeds up the process and improves the quality of our data.

IT Manager, Leading bedding specialist

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