Refresh your SAP data with flexible managed services


services-mfs  Managed Data Refresh Services

Along with world-class Data Sync ManagerTM software to help you refresh your landscape, why not rely on our managed refresh service, giving you more time to spend on the things that really matter with your SAP investment?

Our Data Refresh Service is flexible, and you have the option to either purchase a package with a specialised number of refreshes, or simply order client refreshes or builds on an ad hoc basis, spanning SAP HCM, ERP, BW, CRM, SRM, SCM and GTS modules. This could be a partial outsource (you have some Basis resources) or complete managed service (we do everything for you).

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EPI-USE Labs can help take the pain away, and give your SAP Basis technical team their weekends back, by offering the following services:

Data management and optimise SAP environments

EPI-USE Labs provides superior solutions to enhance data management and optimise SAP environments.

Why choose the Data Sync Manager™ Refresh Package?Data Sync Manager™ Refresh Package

RaaS: Kellogg’s gets it all

Kellogg’s chose EPI-USE Labs’ Refresh as a Service (RaaS) to refresh their QA System. The entire process was managed by EPI-USE Labs, data issues were resolved quickly and on the fly, and the workflow continued as usual in Kellogg’s. Project timelines were strictly observed, and having the data on time gave the users the opportunity and the time to test at the scope they defined.

“The EPI-USE Labs team and Data Sync Manager exceeded our expectations every time.”

- Ramesh Kollepara: IT Director, Architecture and Application Delivery

DSM for IS-U

Content pending

DSM For Oil & Gas

Content pending

DSM for Public Sector

EPI-USE Labs works with a great number of public sector organizations, and has specific capability to handle test data management needs for organizations in this sector. Object Sync seamlessly manages multiple employment contracts, and Grants Management and Funds Management have dedicated objects for copying test data on demand for those complex testing situations.

DSM for Bank Analyser

Organizations leveraging the Bank Analyzer solution from SAP can now carry out lean system refreshes with Client Sync on the Bank Analyzer system whenever the backend system is being refreshed. The post-processing in Client Sync automates around two days of manual effort normally required after a system copy for Bank Analyzer test systems.

DSM for Insurance

DSM contains specific objects and functionality for the Insurance industry, including the ability to copy FSCD data on-demand for a specific Business Partner or Contract Account. ICM and Claims Management data is also covered.

DSM for Retail

For over ten years, DSM has catered for the demanding needs of the Retail sector for test data on demand and lean testing client provisioning. Complex document flows are supported out of the box, with the ability to extend for non-standard configuration. Challenging data to recreate for testing can easily be replicated, including site data, article hierarchies, listings and assortment modules.