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SAP upgrades are a required activity for standard maintenance, and proactive planning is needed to
re-engineer business processes, streamline and improve efficiency.

SAP Roadmap Design

SAP roadmap design

For existing SAP customers, there are many options when looking at how to move to the latest SAP versions. Organizations are planning to make the journey at different times, but many are asking the same questions about how to make the process as efficient as possible for their business.

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Journey to the cloud

Companies are looking for ways to harness their business data to drive smarter and faster decision-making. As a result, many businesses are looking to the cloud to contain cost and complexity.

We offer you a range of options - from cloud hosting to fully comprehensive managed services. We provide portal-based access for system management on cloud platforms or on-premise virtualized landscapes. With robust solutions, experienced people and cutting-edge products, we help you to reduce your IT spend and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Journey To Cloud


Migrating SAP Data to HANA

Migrate to HANA

We can accelerate the build of a brownfield system by bringing across data and configurations from your old system, or pick data sets to migrate to a clean S/4 implementation. Transformation can also be carried out to fit the old data to the new configuration.

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SAP upgrades

SAP upgrades are complicated. Whether you are undertaking technical or functional upgrades, having intelligent tools to help you build, test and migrate will reduce downtime and speed up the implementation and testing processes.

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We approached EPI-USE Labs to make use of their expertise as a service, whereby they would complete the time slice for us. EPI-USE Labs came through with flying colours as they managed to complete the project within time and budget.

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SAP Basis Team Lead, Robert Heyneke, Pick n Pay

We needed a cost-effective solution to run SAP HANA. The EPI-USE Labs platform provides us with world-class flexibility, speed and security.

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Zain Khan, Information Systems Manager, Bidvest Tank Terminals