Cloud Migrations for SAP

Don’t just lift and shift

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Greater efficiency, lower costs

While the economics of moving to the cloud are clear, intelligent enterprises are leveraging the cloud to:

While the economics of moving to the cloud are clear, intelligent enterprises are leveraging the cloud to:

Common cloud use cases 

Use Case Overview Benefits
Proof of concepts
  • Test latest SAP solutions e.g. S/4HANA
  • Build safe sandboxes for experimentation
  • Fast start of projects with minimal delays
Fast, agile, low cost
Hardware end-of-life
  • Migrate to Opex model
  • Provide scalable architecture including demand spikes
Cost, agility, autoscaling, uptime
SAP upgrades
  • Create parallel landscapes for upgrade activities
  • No additional hardware procurement required
No capital costs for hardware, flexibility
Non-productive SAP landscapes Move all non-production SAP systems to cloud and automate system and data provision capabilities Agility, cost, DevOps
All-in Move all SAP systems to cloud provider, and transition internal IT to cloud operations or outsource to a specialist provider. Agility, cost, speed, autoscaling, uptime

Why consider EPI-USE Labs as your cloud infrastructure
partner for SAP workloads?

Landscape and cost optimization

Unlike other cloud providers that just 'lift and shift' your SAP systems, EPI-USE Labs offers SAP-certified tools that don’t just re-host your SAP systems, but optimize and rationalize your SAP landscape to drive additional value.


Our certified services team specializes in extracting the right data and migrating it rapidly, using our powerful Data Sync Manager product suite. This functionality allows customers to carve out appropriate parts of their SAP system by:

  • Enterprise slicing: selecting only the organizational components that are relevant, such as company code
  • Time slicing: selecting only a time interval of data to migrate


Security is embedded in our solutions

Not only can we optimize your SAP landscapes, we can also scramble and protect development and test systems, allowing you to:

  • Comply with privacy legislation
  • Reduce the risk of data leakage


Intelligent analysis

Intelligent analysis

We analyze your SAP systems and offer an automated assessment to help you make the right transformation choices for your cloud and upgrade journey.

Our software, your advantage

To learn more about how EPI-USE Labs can help you, please contact our sales team

Cloud hosting and migration capabilities 

Client success stories

isle of wight

The Isle of Wight Council

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Scor SS
Oil & Gas Multinational

Using Data Sync Manager from EPI-USE Labs, the entire SAP production landscape of a leading global Oil & Gas company was rationalized and moved to the public cloud. The company’s limited team was augmented by our SAP migration specialists to provide a seamless experience.

Oil & Gas Multinational

Aberdare Cables

EPI-USE Labs helped us implement our SAP roadmap, and the team is always available when we need them. We achieved upgrades into the HANA space within short timelines and at low costs; the migration was seamless with no interruptions in work.

Aberdare Cables

Purdue University

The Purdue/EPI-USE partnership already has a reputation amongst peers as one that is transforming how higher education does business. The EPI-USE team’s ability to enable streamlined business process with the newest technology and user experience is unparalleled.

Purdue University