High-speed SAP test data solution for the automotive industry

Snop becomes autonomous in anonymising data in non-production SAP systems.

Flexible configuration

80+ anonymisation functions

Fast implementation

About Snop

Snop is part of the Financière Snop Dunois (FSD) group, a major player in the automotive industry. The company specialises in cutting, stamping, profiling, assembly and manufacturing press tools for the largest automotive groups including Audi, Volvo, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen. The group operates internationally, with an annual turnover of over €1 billion in 2018.

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  • €1.6 billion in revenue (with the acquisition of Tower Europe in March 2019)
  • 9,000 employees
  • 40 production sites and three technical centres
  • An international presence
  • SAP scope: SAP ECC6 EHP8 HANA database
  • 1800 active SAP users

Snop’s SAP test data challenge

Snop used the Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) suite modules Client Sync™ and Object Sync™ to create test data to refresh their non-production SAP systems (from their 2TB production system).

This real test data, sourced from production systems, was made available to external test teams, allowing internal teams to focus their efforts on the core business. In view of this outsourcing of IT resources, anonymisation was essential for Snop to ensure that personal data was secure, and to comply with GDPR.

Snop wanted to:

  • Comply with GDPR
  • Make best use of Client Sync and Object Sync modules
  • Reduce the risk of leaking non-production SAP data (external consultants, TMA).

With Client Sync we have copied three years of data between the production system and the development, quality and sandbox systems. We reduced our disk space and data storage costs by 70%.
With Object Sync, the IT department's functional team is able to run test scenarios while preserving the complete integrity of the data. We use Object Sync mainly in SAP HCM and for copying master data.

Gianluca Baldi, Head of Functional Division, Snop


Data Secure is key to anonymise data

SNOP decided to use Data Secure™ (part of DSM) to anonymise their non-production environment, mainly the development and sandbox systems.

Examples of this anonymised data include:

  • Personal, identifiable information (emails, names, HR personnel numbers, telephone numbers, addresses)
  • Bank information (account number, IBAN data, SEPA, bank name)
  • Suppliers, business partners and customers (emails, names, telephone numbers, addresses)

With Data Secure, we can now provide access to our non-production SAP systems for external offshore consultants in complete security.

Gianluca Baldi, Head of Functional Division, Snop

Fast implementation and secure data

After a successful implementation in five days, the internal Snop teams are completely autonomous in anonymising data from non-production SAP® systems. Data Secure allows all technical and functional teams to work with secure data, while ensuring data integrity. As a consequence, the Snop teams have improved their productivity in deploying SAP.


Snop Success Story infographic EN


The implementation of Data Secure was the most motivating phase. Data Secure anonymised our SAP test data quickly (2TB of data in six hours in the sandbox system). The anonymisation rules are simple to change and we are independent in changing these rules (no need for an EPI-USE Labs consultant to be involved). We use scrambling-type rules for IBAN data, allowing complete data integrity.

Gianluca Baldi, Head of Functional Division, Snop


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