Data Sync Manager hits the note for Sound United’s SAP test data needs

EPI-USE Labs helps Sound United refresh its data with Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) Client Sync™, making them more agile to respond to business demands

75% faster SAP client refreshes

Independence from hosting partner

Elimination of post-processing tasks

About Sound United

Sound United specialises in high-quality audio equipment for home entertainment. It has its headquarters in California. Its staff are based in more than 100 countries and include musicians, engineers and scientists, and sales and marketing specialists.

Sound United is one of the world’s largest portfolio audio companies and home to several legendary audio brands – Denon®, Marantz®, Bowers and Wilkins, Polk Audio, Classé, Definitive Technology, HEOS, and Boston Acoustics® – each brand with its own philosophy and unique approach to bringing home entertainment to life. With centuries of collective experience, Sound United oversees the design and manufacture of a diverse array of premium audio products, including loudspeakers, sound bars, AV receivers, wireless speakers, amplifiers, turntables, and headphones. With an innovative approach, Sound United produced the first audio-visual receivers and sound bars suitable for Amazon’s Alexa.

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Initially, I thought the sales message was too good to be true, but I can confirm that the solution has delivered on everything that was promised.

Marko Lotens
Vice President Information Technology, Sound United

The challenge: Lengthy refresh process on SAP systems

Sound United was using SAP system copies to refresh its testing and development environments. This method took about two weeks to plan and four days to implement. The QA system was unavailable for testing during this time and they had a high dependency on their hosting partner. The process was inefficient and inflexible, with refresh intervals of at least six to 12 months. Working in such a fast-paced industry with acquisitions and many new products, Sound United recognised the need for up-to-date test environments.

I use Data Sync Manager to do a client copy. The benefit of using a client copy is that it is now much faster and it requires none of the lengthy post-processing time. Instead of having to plan for weeks, I can create a copy and it is ready within a day or two.

Suzanne van Kalsbeek
Manager Business Apps, Sound United

DSM brings fresh SAP data quickly

In 2021, Sound United chose Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) Client Sync™ to refresh data in their QA and Development systems. The solution copies a time-slice of data from production while keeping the links between the data intact, ensuring data accuracy for testing. Sound United can now refresh data as required, guaranteeing fresh data when a project starts. Client Sync also enables Sound United to create a new copy, from preparation to validation, within one day, giving the team more agility. DSM also allows them to execute most runbook actions just once. The copy time and post-processing is also reduced. Sound United was impressed with EPI-USE Labs’ performance and the response from its service desk on this project.

It saves me time, because I’m the person doing it; there isn’t much I have to do after the client copy. So I can do 95% myself, and only need the Basis team for 5%. It’s like maybe an hour of work for me.

Suzanne van Kalsbeek
Manager Business Apps, Sound United

Refreshed test systems on demand

Sound United has gained many benefits from DSM including:

  • the ability to be more self-reliant and agile, with less dependence on a hosting partner
  • the flexibility to refresh data in the non-production environment when needed
  • confidence in their testing, knowing that their projects have accurate data
  • the ability of the IT team to provide a better service to the wider business
  • quicker responses to requests for data for new projects or specific scenarios
  • time and cost savings.

We are in control and the process is so much faster, giving us the flexibility to refresh the data as we need it.

Suzanne van Kalsbeek
Manager Business Apps, Sound United


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