Mike Gleeson, Director of HRIS & Programmes at Cadent Gas Limited, speaks about the impact of COVID-19 on HCM reporting for Cadent Gas, moving their reporting onshore and why Query Manager is so beneficial to his team.


"Query Manager…was one of the tools that really helped us onshore everything…there were five or six people that used to manage that offshore, and now we’ve fully automated it using Query Manager, which one person in the team manages day-to-day.

We’ve used Query Manager throughout the process and it’s really helped us. We find it quite flexible in terms of linking any data sets together no matter what system they come from.

We had around 200 reports that were getting done offshore manually using various different mechanisms. As part of our onshoring piece, we started to automate processes using Query Manager and Document Builder and we’ve nearly automated all of the reports now, which are managed by one person…That’s had a really positive impact.

Query Manager breaks down the barriers between technical and non-technical…it’s allowed us to be agile with our data, and make it intuitive...that’s a real positive. One of the major benefits is the ease of use and the efficiency it drives. We’ve managed to automate a lot of our monthly reporting, which we do through Query Manager. It’s really driven a lot of change to do with our payroll processing…we’ve automated a lot of reports, and it drives a lot of efficiency around the payroll run, reducing the time that it takes."

- Mike Gleeson, Director of HRIS & Programmes at Cadent Gas Limited

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