"We designed the project in a different way, so we didn't have to rebuild important parts. And so we could already save a lot of money. That is the big advantage of the PRISM approach. During the project, you also have the benefit of using the solutions Data Sync Manager and Variance Monitor.

The most spectacular solution for me is Variance Monitor, because we use it to do the testing for the payroll system. We are recalculating all salaries, for all employees, for all months in 2021. We compare the results of it with the salaries calculated by the provider that we had in 2021. Based on that process, we get statistics on how many differences we have, and we can really work to close all the differences.

It's making life much easier. If we would compare that to classic testing on scenarios, it would take much more time, and on top of that, we would never know if we have all the scenarios.

The quality of service we get from EPI-USE Labs and the efficiency we can bring in with the EPI-USE Labs' solutions is very big."

- Jan de Winter, Carrefour

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