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EPI-USE Labs hosted an HCM Virtual User Group event on April 15, 2021.  Attendees heard from industry experts and leading companies as they shared the latest trends in HCM, real-time reporting, migrating to the cloud, test data, and more. 

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9:00 - 10:00 AM (EST): Keynote - The future of HR - navigating your SAP HCM journey during times of change
Presented by: Tom Gross Danielle Larocca Imran Sajid, SAP
10:00 - 10:45 AM (EST): Developing your HCM /HXM Strategy: Simplify & Accelerate your journey to the cloud
Presented by: Danielle Larocca Tom Gross
11:00 - 11:30 AM (EST): Roundtable Discussion - Shutterfly's journey from non-SAP systems to EC and ECP
Presented by: John Thompson, Shutterfly Ryan Black, Shutterfly Mary Graybeal Jen Spaulding
11:30 - 12:30 PM (EST): 7 critical functions for running SAP HCM on-prem or Hybrid SAP SuccessFactors
Presented by: Danielle Larocca Lane Small
12:45 - 1:30 PM (EST): EPI-USE Labs HCM Product Update
Presented by: Eben de Lange Jhani Coetzee
1:30 - 2:00 PM (EST): Gaining insight into your SAP HCM & SuccessFactors Data
Presented by: Jhani Coetzee
On-Demand: North American Lighting migrates to SuccessFactors’ Employee Central Payroll (ECP) using PRISM
Presented by: Don Parker, North American Lighting
On-Demand: Solving Nestlé’s complex SAP HCM reporting requirements
Presented by: Sally Sayner Suzanne Bews
On-Demand: Convenient, secure copying and masking of SuccessFactors data
Presented by: Paul Hammersley
On-Demand: Simplify Mass Changes for Employee Central & Improve HR Service Delivery
Presented by: Lane Small François Breed
On-Demand: What you need to know about People Analytics
Presented by: Danielle Larocca
On-Demand: Easy time clocking and employee rostering for Employee Central
Presented by: Jaco Prinsloo

4:00 - 5:00 PM Live: Wine tasting, Q&A, Networking Event *Registration for the wine tasting has closed*

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Our speakers

Imran Sajid Imran Sajid

Global Senior Director at SAP SuccessFactors

Ryan Black Ryan Black

Senior Payroll Specialist, Shutterfly

Don Parker Don Parker

Don Parker, Assistant General Manager, IT, North American Lighting

Tom Gross Tom Gross

Regional Executive at EPI-USE Labs Americas

Paul Hammersley Paul Hammersley

SVP ALM Product Portfolio at EPI-USE Labs

Danielle Larocca Danielle Larocca

SAP Mentor and SVP HCM Solutions at EPI-USE Labs

Lane Small Lane Small

HCM Solutions Architect at EPI-USE Labs

Jhani Coetzee Jhani Coetzee

Team Lead for NextGen SAP Development at EPI-USE Labs

Eben de Lange Eben de Lange

Query Manager Lead Developer at EPI-USE Labs

Jaco Prinsloo Jaco Prinsloo

VP Custom Development at EPI-USE Labs

François Breed François Breed

SAP HCM specialist at EPI-USE Labs

Mary Graybeal Mary Graybeal

Director of HCM Services at EPI-USE Labs

Jen Spaulding Jen Spaulding

Account Manager at EPI-USE Labs