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2021 HCM and Payroll reporting options for SAP and SuccessFactors: Download ebook

"My latest ebook talks about the options customers have today as of the Q1 release in 2021. I encourage you to download your free copy and stay in the know about what is available today, and where ...

7 Critical functions for running SAP SuccessFactors Hybrid

For SAP customers moving from on-premise SAP HR to SuccessFactors Employee Central, there are seven key actions to ensure a successful migration.

How to configure flexible work schedules and shifts through Employee Central Time Management

Download this PDF and find out how to configure flexible work schedules and shifts through Employee Central Time Management

Solve the top three challenges faced by SAP HCM On-premise or Hybrid clients

Download this comprehensive white paper from Danielle Larocca, Senior Vice-President of HCM Solutions. Danielle has worked in the SAP HCM space for over 20 years, and is an SAP Mentor and featured ...

Understand the Journey from SAP to SuccessFactors and how to succeed: download white paper

Download this whitepaper for tips from Danielle Larocca on the Journey from SAP to SuccessFactors

How to prevent the 3 most common SAP hacks

Downloaded a copy of the three most common SAP hacks to shed some light on potential risks in your system and how to mitigate them.

What is SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics?

SAP SuccessFactors has officially launched People Analytics, and SAP Mentor and SVP of HCM solutions Danielle Larocca has completed her review of the educational series associated with its launch. ...

Query Manager™ ROI Calculator

Calculate how much you can save your organization each year with automated reporting?

In this guide, Danielle Larocca reviews the journey and options for customers as they migrate from On-Premise SAP HCM and Payroll to SAP SuccessFactors and the cloud. .

Reporting and Analytics for SAP HCM & SuccessFactors customers

There has never been a more exciting time around reporting for SAP SuccessFactors customers. As SAP’s approximately 13,000 customers begin their journey from on-premise SAP to SuccessFactors in the ...

Query Manager Delivered Queries

The SAP-certified Query Manager solution includes hundreds of delivered reports from all different application areas throughout HCM and Payroll.

Payroll Year-End Checklist for USA

Download this checklist which has all the items you need to keep in mind when completing year-end Payroll. Tailored to the USA, you can use this checklist as a helpful reminder of the requirements to ...