Vestas chose Data Sync Manager to handle the winds of change

"Data Sync Manager has provided perfect data quality, without significant load on the systems”
Esben Fagerlind, SAP Landscape & Release Consultant, Vestas

Faster system refreshes
with automation built in

More than 7.5TB of
disk space saved

DSM makes refreshes easy
for all Vestas staff

About Vestas Wind System A/S

Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy. Founded in 1898 as a blacksmith shop in western Denmark, Vestas began producing wind turbines in 1979, and has since gained a market-leading position with more than 64 GW of installed wind power and more than 42 GW under service globally. 

Today, Vestas works to ensure the delivery of the best-in-class wind energy solutions, and set the pace in the energy industry for the benefit of not only their customers, but also the planet.

Vestas has offices in 24 countries and five strong regional sales business units in Northern Europe, Central Europe, Americas, Mediterranean, and Asia Pacific & China.


Vestas needed accurate SAP test data

The company required business processes to run smoothly and efficiently after applying support and enhancement packs and other day-to-day operations. In an interview, Esben Fagerlind, the SAP® Landscape & Release Consultant at Vestas, explained the situation:

“Before DSM, our QA and DEV systems contained manually created data – this was a risk for us. We could not live up to our quality goals such as avoiding errors in the productive systems, because some errors were not found before applying a change or a support pack to the production systems.”

Vestas Wind Systems needed a solution for all their needs. Vestas Global IT wanted up-to-date data in their QA environments without having to do a full system copy. They also wanted to copy data selectively, which meant de-selecting sensitive data upfront, slimming down client sizes wherever possible, and reducing costs. Furthermore, they wanted to enable business users to create ad hoc data scenarios for problem resolution.

The EPI-USE Labs team shows a strong understanding of our challenges. They’re complete professionals and are very pleasant to work with. Their support desk responds rapidly, and any problems are solved very quickly.

Esben Fagerlind
SAP Landscape & Release Consultant, Vestas

The business case

EPI-USE Labs' Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) product suite makes it possible to obtain scrambled production data on QA environments without having to make a full system copy or to create manual data. DSM Client Sync provides a table-oriented approach to copying a subset of client data, while Object Sync selects data at a business object or transactional flow level, from a single object up to a whole range, and copies it to a non-production system.

Vestas purchased DSM Client Sync and DSM Object Sync for HCM and ERP. They also make use of the Data Refresh Service for HCM, ERP, SCM, CRM and BW.

Copy times at Vestas



How it all works at Vestas today

Users in the HR, Finance and Basis team use DSM for:

  • Weekly updates of selected FI master data via Object Sync.
  • Ad hoc transfer of payroll master data in case of incidents in the production system with Object Sync

Every six months, all master data is transferred and a six-month transactional slice is made with Client Sync (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR and BI).

“Data Sync Manager has provided perfect data quality without significant load on the systems, and test and training systems are much smaller now. Business users work independently of Global IT when they need to copy objects from the productive system to test systems. Object Sync has been very valuable for checking and fixing incidents, e.g. in Payroll.” - Esben Fagerlind, SAP Landscape & Release Consultant, Vestas

Significant time and disk space savings with DSM

Using Data Sync Manager, Vestas experienced significant time and disk space savings. Furthermore, business users have achieved a more agile error detection process, and the training team works independently of IT when refreshing test data.

When asked how DSM changed their training systems, Esben Fagerlind said: “Providing fresh data for our QA systems has become significantly easier. With fresh data in the QA systems, our tests are more reliable and using Object Sync for ERP, our business users are able to simulate and troubleshoot more smoothly.“

Vestas are happy that they meet their data quality goals because they now use accurate, up-to-date data in their QA environments for testing and production support.




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