SAP has approximately 13,000 on-premise HCM customers, each with a challenge of ensuring access to their HR production data in non-production systems, whether it be for testing, or training or for support purposes. The process of copying, moving or scrambling this data between the systems is often a manual effort requiring a great number of resources, time and money to accomplish.

EPI-USE Labs offers a product called Object Sync to solve this challenge. Object Sync for HCM is part of the overall Data Sync Manager solution and that is available for all SAP modules. Object Sync for HCM empowers an SAP user, whether they are a functional or a technical, with the ability to get the data you need and where you need it.

This SAP certified solution allows you to select and transfer specific HCM data objects easily and accurately and allows you to mask sensitive data for confidentiality, security and government compliance. With Object Sync you can copy a subset of SAP client and test data. We also have a product called Client Sync for full system copying and data migration. With Object Sync for HCM you can select any HCM master data, such as employee data or payroll data, that includes payroll results and copy this to a non production target client.

You can also copy basic business objects such as user master and report variant data. Optional encryption versions allow for the protection of your sensitive data. As data is copied as needed, non-production systems can be kept up to date, which is far more efficient for test training and support purposes, providing you with configurable consistent masking of your sensitive data.

What is really great is that there are no delays in obtaining testing or training data and no reliance on IT resources to get it. Users have the ability to select which data they are registered in, if they wish to scramble it, and where they want to place it. Users can also define templates to regulate how other users access this data.

Since users can select and copy the exact data they need, there are no system interruptions and the basis team can focus on other important tasks. No more manual recreation of testing and training data.

With DSM for HCM you can clone employee data, including master data and custom info types and work management data, even the detailed relationships, whether they are custom objects or custom info types.

Payroll data including financial posting and payment files, time including CATS and CATS DB, talent data including appraisal records, the learning solution, trip management and the list goes on and on. This provides you with up to date valid production data for testing or simulated environments to use in training. With DSM for HCM you can refresh data easily and regularly.

Over many years we have built up a library of business object definitions, which incorporates the in-depth understanding of our SAP data structures. Object Sync for HCM moves data consistently and intelligently during the transfer of all relevant data with all your links intact.

Learn more about our Data Sync Manager for HCM including Object Sync on our website or please feel free to reach out to me for more information. Thanks for watching.

Solve the challenge of ensuring access to HCM production data in non-production systems for testing, training and support with Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) for HCM.  DSM, an SAP-certified solution, gives you the data you need, when you need it. You can select and transfer specific HCM data objects easily and accurately, as needed, as well as mask sensitive data for confidentiality, security and governance compliance.

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