One of the main common issues that normally customers engage when trying to define or manage their test data on their non-production systems, is that they struggle to find the correct procedures or the correct ways to actually refresh their non-production data in their QA system, in their quality system, their pre-prod or even the development system. Thanks to the variety of products that EPI-USE Labs has developed, we can actually assess and also adapt the process, to actually feel the need for refreshing data on the non-production systems.

It doesn't really matter if your HR system is shared within a shared environment with all the other SAP modules, or you have a standalone HCM system with only your HCM modules installed in the SAP system, or you have a HR system that is shared with all of the other modules within SAP. We have different solutions that we can adapt and apply for any of those scenarios, so that all the other modules do not get impacted when you do one of the refreshing activities with our solutions.

If you are concerned about sensitive data making it to non-production systems, let us know and we can assist you, by providing profiles that can actually modify or mask sensitive data on your non-production systems, and we can also set up auditing processes to validate the data between production and non-production, to make sure that you don't have any sensitive information from employees on your non-production environments.

The SAP certified Data Sync Manager for HCM which includes Object Sync and Client Sync are all part of EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager suite.

They can be used as independent solutions, or together with other products of the DSM suite. With Object Sync, users can select any HCM master data (such as employee data, organizational data or payroll results) and copy this to a non-production target client easily and accurately, as needed, and to mask sensitive data for confidentiality, security and governance compliance.

Client Sync empowers an SAP user with the ability to copy entire clients, with specific date selections, which is so critical for HCM.

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