EPI-USE Labs' Accounts Manager Sanele Malwane gives a brief overview of some of the key projects which the non-profit entity Elephants, Rhinos & People has focused on during 2020. These include human/elephant conflict resolution, and projects helping people in the rural communities of South Africa, such as #BIKES4ERP, Food is Life, All Walks of Life and the ERP Community Relief programme.

EPI-USE Labs is a member of groupelephant.com which donates 1% of its annual revenue to cover all of ERP's operational expenses, and to fund projects.  So when clients invest in EPI-USE Labs or any groupelephant.com company, they are contributing towards the safety of endangered species. 

Why Elephants and Rhinos?

EPI-USE Labs is a member of groupelephant.com, which is characterised by a primary strategic imperative in terms of which it goes 'Beyond Corporate Purpose' in its day-to-day activities, through a hybrid business model.

The Group has an unconventional approach to philanthropic activity. Rather than implementing a traditional Corporate Social Responsibility program and simply donating funds to charities, in 'Beyond Corporate Purpose' it has a multi-zoned operating model that provides it with a professional, institutionalised delivery capability in the area of non-profit activity and impact investment.

The primary focus area is the preservation of at-risk Elephants and Rhinos, through the economic upliftment of rural People in areas adjacent to the threatened species, or another definition of 'ERP', if you will.

See groupelephant.com and erp.ngo for more information.

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