Query Manager does have support for SuccessFactors Reporting as well. Our traditional strength has been on-premise payroll, but because the landscape at this point is a very typical hybrid situation, where a lot of customers are running payroll on-premise, but perhaps running talent modules in the cloud, or perhaps running call HR in the cloud.

We are working on a solution where Query Manager will allow you to do true hybrid reporting. Where you will be able to report on both data on your on-premise system and from the SAP SuccessFactors cloud solutions, and combine it into one output.

We offer very rich output options, especially when compared to our Document Builder solution, and you can easily distribute this information throughout your organization, so that the key people can get the information that they need.

Access SuccessFactors data as a source in Query Manager, and include it with any data in SAP, or any external system. Include data from hybrid on-premise and cloud systems to run consolidated reports. As it is real-time and on-demand, there is no duplication of data.

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