The roadmap from on-premise migrations to SuccessFactors is quite extensive and it's riddled with options. SAP, when they purchased SuccessFactors in 2012, they originally sold it as a quite easily two option roadmap, that was on the one hand your on-premise solution and then on the other side your full-on cloud SuccessFactors solution.

As the years went by, they discovered that there is not a lot of customers who were actually doing this migration, and they started introducing additional options, for example talent hybrid options where you can keep your talent solutions and SuccessFactors, but you can keep your core HR on-premise, or even call hybrid options where you can take some of your call functions to SuccessFactors but you perhaps continue keeping your time and your payroll options on-premise.

So as of today, I think there are around six different models and on the one hand, it is SAP, just really realising that it's a complex endeavor and that they are giving customers multiple options to really fit into their organisation, based on both cloud options and on-premise options.

Learn more about how SuccessFactors developed over time, and what the future roadmap is for SuccessFactors.

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