Human Capital Management data never stops changing, this makes it difficult to compare HR and Payroll data from one period to that of another and often adds costs that you never expected. Manual comparisons are not the answer, they can waste time, they are error prone and are by no means audit proof.

Variance Monitor from EPI-USE Labs gives you the ability to compare HR and Payroll data between systems and the ability to compare HR and Payroll data across periods. This is great because SAP does not provide a solution for this and it's an activity that is not only complex, it's time and resource intensive with lots of room for manual error.

Identifying variances in your data is something that HCM and Payroll professionals have to do all the time. They have to do it with each configuration change, each support pack, new implementations, data conversions, pretty much whenever we upload data from an outside data source. In addition to day to day validations, client copies etc.

Variance Monitor offers you the kind of power and control that you need to highlight variances in your SAP HCM data. The good news is that it's all automated and it's easy to use. You simply set tolerance levels or specify tables and fields and you can specify the comparisons for payroll time, master data and finance postings and it all becomes pretty painless.

What is also great is that period to period comparisons and testing of support packs are easy and absolutely accurate. Variance Monitor can also detect null values and comes with free sample comparisons for you to use from day one.

Variance Monitor is designed for use by anyone who regularly works with data in SAP HCM. This could be payroll professionals, functional users in HR, benefits, time etc. It can also include HRIS and IT professionals who have the requirement to validate data to identify differences.

Keep in mind that your SAP HCM data is at risk whenever change is introduced, whether through business configuration changes or technical or landscape changes. Variance Monitor gives you the power and control that you need to single out variances in your SAP HCM data.

To learn more about EPI-USE Labs Variance Monitor, please check our website or feel free to contact me for additional information. Thanks for watching.

Highlight inconsistencies in your ever-changing HCM data and ensure all your HR, Payroll and Time data is accurate with Variance Monitor.

Compare HR and Payroll data between systems and across periods. And because it’s automated, it eliminates manual comparisons, speeds up your processes and enables your managers and test teams to be much more productive.

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