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Aker Solutions reduced access risk by 85% with Soterion

"We had the solutions within a week, and we benefited from the first day. We could start working with the system immediately - it was a real plug and play! It was even better than we expected."

How Endeavor improved their GRC compliance for SAP with Soterion

"Our business users expressed their appreciation of having a tool that was much easier for them to work through, understand, and have visibility over the reviews."

Global Service Provider cuts system size by 88% and secures sensitive data

System Builder and Client Sync cut ERP system by 88% and Data Secure masks sensitive data for GDPR compliance

JM's journey to a live, compliant GDPR solution

Using the EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite, along with the SAP Data Privacy suite, JM has developed an effective programme to scramble and redact sensitive data in their SAP Systems

MAPA protects their sensitive HCM data

"Thanks to Data Secure, we can anonymize all sensitive SAP HCM data, such as employee-related data, in a very short time."

Rabobank complies with the Banking Authority with DSM

"In addition to the key scrambling requirement, using Data Sync Manager has resulted in a disk space saving of 5TB in total, and we also save more than ten hours per refresh."

Velux Uses Data Sync Manager for Secure SAP Test Data

Emil Seierøe Madsen shares his lessons learnt during the project at VELUX to create secure, GDPR-compliant SAP test data.