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A leading energy retailer solves their test data challenge

"The benefits of bringing in DSM were that we could reliably and quickly deliver consistent test data to our systems ..."

A.O. Smith reduces system refresh time by 72%

"DSM has given us a faster, more consistent test process, and allowed us to meet ad-hoc business requests quickly. "

EPI-USE Labs sparks off S/4HANA for Aberdare

"EPI-USE Labs helped us implement our SAP roadmap, and the team is always available when we need them."

Picture-perfect solution for Agfa: 93% faster client refreshes

"Communication is key: overall we had a good experience. I really trust our consultant."

Aker Solutions reduced access risk by 85% with Soterion

"We had the solutions within a week, and we benefited from the first day. We could start working with the system immediately - it was a real plug and play! It was even better than we expected."

Solving data comparison challenges for American Airlines

Find out how EPI-USE Labs' Variance Monitor helps American Airlines compare payroll results

Amey uses Query Manager for SAP HCM reporting

Query Manager brings Amey the flexibility to manage all HR reporting in-house with quick and easy automated processes.

How Amey and Dorset Council benefit from using Query Manager

Our clients Amey and Dorset Council have had huge benefits to their SAP HR and Payroll reporting by using Query Manager.

ArcelorMittal Bremen gets flexible HCM reporting

Query Manager reduces report development time from eight weeks to one day for ArcelorMittal Bremen.

Data Sync Manager reduces data footprint for Associated Weavers

Associated Weavers used Client Sync™, part of the Data Sync Manager suite, to reduce time for data refreshes, cut data footprint and improve data quality

Keeping law and order in Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s data

"We enjoy working with EPI-USE Labs as they are responsive to our requests. They have brought us invaluable guidance."

Basiq Dental improves their test data quality

With Data Sync Manager, a growing business improves their test data quality, refreshes data when needed and saves disk space.

The BBC benefits from quality test data and automated SAP HCM reporting

Query Manager, Document Builder and Data Sync Manager help the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to save time and be more efficient

Borealis carves out company codes with Data Sync Manager

EPI-USE Labs performs successful company carve-out using Data Sync Manager for Landscape Transformation (DSM LT) for chemical giant.

BT calls on Data Sync Manager to improve their SAP test data management

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager (DSM) Suite empowers BT to reduce their SAP data footprint, refresh on-demand, copy time-sliced clients and comply with GDPR.

Query Manager with Document Builder enables Cadent Gas to streamline and onshore all HR SAP reporting

Query Manager saves time and costs for UK’s largest gas distribution network

Moving to S/4HANA on Azure with DSM: Lean and streamlined systems

Capita benefits from Data Sync Manager (DSM) with dramatically reduced storage costs, slicker processes and a leaner system.

Carrefour makes a successful journey to the cloud with PRISM

Watch video about how Carrefour migrated their to the cloud with PRISM

Creating test systems for CD - Informační Systémy achieves time saving of 80%

Data Sync Manager: Client Sync™ and Data Sync Manager: System Builder™ provide flexibility in the SAP environment and infrastructure savings for Czech Railways Group.

Powerful tools for SAP HCM Reporting at CEZ Group

"Query Manager and Document Builder are gaining a reputation among HR professionals at CEZ Group; they’re very powerful tools."

Compass Group UK leverages the HCM Productivity Suite for SAP HCM support pack testing

“Variance Monitor, along with Data Sync Manager provides us with a robust and secure regression testing strategy for our employee data.”

Compass Group UK improves their security with Soterion to manage GRC for SAP

Compass Group UK selected Soterion to support their SAP GRC journey to streamline and enhance SAP access risks, giving control to the business.

DSM is a game-changer for Compass Group UK

David Hall from Compass Group UK explains how Data Sync Manager (DSM) has allowed the team to work much more efficiently.

De Lijn ‒ easy-to-use, accessible payroll reporting for transport operator

De Lijn improves Payroll reporting with EPI-USE Labs’ Variance Monitor™, Query Manager™ and Data Sync Manager ™ (DSM) Object Sync for HCM

DGB distils its SAP challenges

Upgrading of SAP environment and Basis support for independent South African wine and spirit producer/distributor.

Dis-Chem migrates successfully to HANA

Migration of Dis-Chem Pharmacies’ SAP landscape to newly acquired on-premise hardware and ongoing Managed Services.

DLR is over the moon with their SAP HCM reporting

EPI-USE Labs deploys Query Manager to streamline SAP HCM reporting for the German Aerospace Center, DLR.

Dorset County streamlines their HCM processes

"We have been very happy with Document Builder; it was a worthwhile investment for us..."

Dunelm realigns its SAP non-production system landscape

"Data Sync Manager is very good at taking selective pieces of data that we need, and slicing that into different sizes."

Data Sync Manager captures Edwards’ SAP testing and training needs

"Everyone was really impressed with Data Sync Manager."

How Elkjøp gained control of their access risks in a few days

EPI-USE Labs’ partner Soterion provided an effective GRC solution to manage access risks

How Endeavor improved their GRC compliance for SAP with Soterion

"Our business users expressed their appreciation of having a tool that was much easier for them to work through, understand, and have visibility over the reviews."

GDPR Compliance: How ENGIE implemented the Data Privacy Suite for SAP

ENGIE implemented the EPI-USE Labs’ Data Privacy Suite for SAP solutions to address their data privacy compliance, including with the GDPR.

FairPrice Group’s digital transformation to S/4HANA for SAP HCM/Payroll

Successful migration of 12,000 employees’ data with EPI-USE Labs’ specialist System Landscape Optimisation (SLO) software.

G4S trusts EPI-USE Labs to carve out data from SAP systems

EPI-USE Labs securely carved out data for G4S divestiture

A global financial institution keeps their costs down when creating SAP test data

Data Sync Manager enables the team to copy data needed for testing in their SAP environment.

Global Service Provider cuts system size by 88% and secures sensitive data

System Builder and Client Sync cut ERP system by 88% and Data Secure masks sensitive data for GDPR compliance

'Future ERP' SAP HCM transformation at the GMH Group

“Excellent quality and flexible applications are the basis for successful companies and their IT projects.”

The Greenery marks ten years of using Data Sync Manager

Data Sync Manager Client Sync provides long-term refresh solution for fresh produce specialist

Heineken brews better, more secure SAP test data with Data Sync Manager

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager helps leading brewer optimise their SAP investment

HP TRONIC optimises SAP systems with Data Sync Manager Client Sync

Using smaller test systems to capitalise on HANA DB investment

Hunkemöller reduces their landscape footprint

"Data Sync Manager allowed us to shrink our overall data size much more than we expected upfront; we are expecting that our ROI will be ten months or less, which is quite amazing."

Iberostar group makes reduced and agile copies in S/4HANA

"With this solution. we can be much more efficient and agile in solving problems emanating from capacity and infrastructure costs"

Innogy Business Services UK and Data Sync Manager enables Npower with quality test data

"It [DSM Object Sync] is actually used by the business to deliver their own test data so they can understand and manage their test data more reliably, more quickly."

Query Manager has transformed our HCM reporting

The Isle of Wight Council has realised significant benefits in their HR reporting from EPI-USE Labs' flagship HCM reporting solution, Query Manager.

Jabil empowers its HR team with Document Builder

"Document Builder is the perfect solution for Jabil’s legal work contracts"

JM's journey to a live, compliant GDPR solution

Using the EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite, along with the SAP Data Privacy suite, JM has developed an effective programme to scramble and redact sensitive data in their SAP Systems

Kellogg's gets it all with managed refresh services

"The EPI-USE Labs team and Data Sync Manager exceeded our expectations every time."

How Data Sync Manager helps Kingfisher improve their SAP data

Kingfisher uses Data Sync Manager (DSM) to refresh their non-production systems, saving on system size and performance.

LafargeHolcim transforms their landscape during a merger

"Through hard work, professionalism and lots of team effort, we carved out the divested business"

Global merger: Successful consolidation of large-scale SAP system

LafargeHolcim uses Data Sync Manager to manage and optimize their SAP® landscape.

Leading bedding specialist: “All SAP users need DSM”

Data Sync Manager (DSM) proves itself as comprehensive SAP test data tool for a leading European bedding retailer.

SAP transformation to Microsoft Azure for leading financial services organization

A seamless SAP migration to Microsoft Azure and ongoing Managed Services for one of South Africa's largest financial services groups.

Transforming leading insurance company’s data strategy

Data Sync Manager solves data challenges and boosts efficiency for global insurance company

Creating clients and systems with DSM

Neil How from Limelight Solutions explains how they used Data Sync Manager (DSM) to create systems quickly and scramble sensitive data.

MAPA protects their sensitive HCM data

"Thanks to Data Secure, we can anonymize all sensitive SAP HCM data, such as employee-related data, in a very short time."

Masimo Consumer’s journey to SOX compliance with Soterion

Masimo Consumer improves their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with Soterion for SAP

Mediclinic’s seamless transition to Microsoft Azure with EPI-USE Labs

Discover how Mediclinic seamlessly transitioned to Microsoft Azure with EPI-USE Labs, enhancing system performance and efficiency. Read about this accelerated migration to the cloud.

Agile delivery of a company carve-out

"It made perfect sense to work with EPI-USE Labs and DSM for this project and they helped us save a considerable amount of time and costs."

Nikon gets the full picture of their risks, thanks to Soterion

Soterion’s GRC for SAP solutions accelerated Nikon Europe BV’s change management and SAP Access Control updates.

Leading Nordics airline takes to the clouds, with minimum baggage

EPI-USE Labs uses Archive Central to retain historical data

North American Lighting migrates SAP Payroll in five days with EPI-USE Labs

Learn how North American Lighting capitalized on their existing payroll implementation by migrating their payroll to SuccessFactors ECP using the EPI-USE Labs PRISM service.

Query Manager saves Nottinghamshire County Council time and manual data manipulation

"Query Manager saves us so much time and an awful lot of data manipulation. Before we were having to export data from multiple sources, join them together, excel formulas, lookups, all sorts of ...

Variance Monitor™ ensures accurate data. NRG and GenOn discover real power.

“We needed to find ways to make better use of our time, and automation was the key”

O2 Czech Republic achieves seamless SAP HCM separation from SAP ERP in under three months

EPI-USE Labs' PRISM process and Data Sync Manager™: SAP HCM separation and migration to HANA

Orkla gets clear insights into their SAP user access and roles with Soterion

Leading Scandinavian industrial investment company Orkla ASA solves their GRC challenges in SAP with Soterion and EPI-USE Labs

PostNL migrates to SuccessFactors

"We were able to keep all the value from our SAP Payroll while modernising our landscape. Having EPI-USE Labs help us to deliver the migration on time and within budget meant we could focus on the ...

Creating secure test data for SuccessFactors at PostNL

Considering SAP SuccessFactors? Jack Naudé, Solution Consultant SAP HCM and SuccessFactors at PostNL, shares some insights into working with SAP SuccessFactors and creating quality test data.

SAP S/4HANA shines a light for Powerlink

Australian electricity transmission system operator upgrades to SAP S/4HANA using EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite

Purdue University transforms the future with S/4HANA

"Moving to SAP S/4HANA allowed us to modernize our business processes, resulting in year-over-year cost savings while leveraging our SAP investment."

Rabobank complies with the Banking Authority with DSM

"In addition to the key scrambling requirement, using Data Sync Manager has resulted in a disk space saving of 5TB in total, and we also save more than ten hours per refresh."

Cultivating confidence with RCL FOODS’ Project Scoop

A proactive payroll migration using EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) Suite.

Reinsurer SCOR relies on risk-free SAP HCM carve-out

“Getting it all from a single-source supplier – carve-out, cloud hosting and managed services – was key to success.”

P&O Reyser successfully separates its SAP system from the Berge Group in only three months

"Working with IECISA (now INETUM), and EPI-USE Labs was a very good experience. They were 100% engaged with us, they reacted immediately to any problem, change of scope or reassured any doubt we had."

Fast, accurate test data for RWE Systems UK

In this video, Ian Naylor explains how Data Sync Manager (DSM) helps RWE Systems UK deliver fast and accurate test data to all their systems.

Creating test data at Rémy Cointreau

Eric Dupont, Information Systems Architect at Rémy Cointreau, explains how Rémy Cointreau used Data Sync Manager to manage and refresh its five SAP systems, leading to time savings and improved ...

SAS flies high to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll with EPI-USE Labs PRISM service

SAS moved their Payroll to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. The data transformation of the payroll was done by EPI-USE Labs's PRISM service.

Query Manager powers Sellafield's analytics engine

Query Manager and Query Manager Add-Ons help Sellafield empower their managers to make data-driven decisions.

Shell improves their SAP data refresh and scrambling time from 6 weeks to 5 days with DSM

"Data Secure allowed us to speed up that scrambling. For example, in a previous refresh it took us six weeks to scramble; now the whole refresh exercise takes five days. So that was a major gain for ...

Siemens PLM Software saves refresh time with DSM

"DSM has saved us a considerable amount of time as refreshes have improved from manual intervention with a lot of costly activity, to minimal activity."

Snop becomes autonomous in anonymising data in non-production SAP systems.

"With Data Secure, we can now provide access to our non-production SAP systems for external offshore consultants in complete security."

Data Sync Manager hits the note for Sound United’s SAP test data needs

EPI-USE Labs helps Sound United refresh its data with Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) Client Sync™, making them more agile to respond to business demands.

Streamlining Letters of Appointment (LOAs) at a well-known South African consumer goods company

The implementation of SAP role assignment, EPI-USE Labs’ Query Manager with Document Builder and SAP Fiori ensure a robust system for managing LOAs at one of South Africa’s most-loved consumer goods ...

How Specsavers leveraged Query Manager to automate their payroll reporting

Query Manager and Variance Monitor from EPI-USE Labs have facilitated efficient Payroll reporting for Specsavers.

A refreshing solution for global chemical specialist, Stahl

"With every SAP application you use this product for, the cost savings are multiplied, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is also improved for the business."

Query Manager makes Straumann smile

Straumann uses Query Manager to generate automated SAP HR reports and to check data quality

Swiss Sense automates refreshes with DSM

"Using Data Sync Manager, the team now refreshes the test environment every eight weeks instead of annually."

The Isle of Wight Council migrates to the cloud

Using Data Sync Manager suite, rapid migration of SAP environment to cost-effective cloud infrastructure, with ongoing hosting and Managed Services.

Total Direct Energie migrates SAP ECC (IS-U) and SAP CRM systems successfully to HANA

"With Data Sync Manager, we control the size of our non-productive environments and therefore our costs."

Query Manager: The SAP engine behind UK Power Networks

"Query Manager 4 is become the engine for our HR SAP data needs. So it covers: extracting data to put into management information reports, monitoring our processes, profiling the quality of our data, ...

How Query Manager helped UK Power Networks streamline their payroll process

In this video, Liezel Terblanche, SAP Payroll Reporting Analyst at UK Power Networks explains how the company uses Query Manager for their payroll processes and reporting.

First-class solution for the University of Cape Town during COVID-19

"When we discovered Query Manager with Document Builder, we realised that we would solve not just one problem but a whole lot more."

The University of Tennessee automates their HCM testing

"Data Sync Manager was the clear winner for us. The solution met the bulk of our requirements."

Vebego cleans up its test data with DSM

"When we told our Account Manager that we had used the tool ourselves already, he was quite surprised! It was so easy; we basically just downloaded the transport, and uploaded it to our system."

Velux Uses Data Sync Manager for Secure SAP Test Data

Emil Seierøe Madsen shares his lessons learnt during the project at VELUX to create secure, GDPR-compliant SAP test data.

Vestas chose Data Sync Manager to handle the winds of change

"Data Sync Manager™ has provided perfect data quality, without significant load on the systems”

Vodafone's release strategy with Data Sync Manager

Vodafone has moved to a three-tier SAP landscape. Barry Dewey speaks about the strategy behind the move, and the benefits Data Sync Manager has brought them.

SAP HCM Reporting at Wales & West Utilities warms up

Comprehensive reporting solution delivered

Warburtons SAP HCM Reports: Query Manager is the best thing since sliced bread

Securely access and distribute all SAP HCM reports quickly across the business

SAP HCM Reporting soars at Zürich Airport

“Query Manager should be, in my opinion, part of the standard SAP HR solution.” – Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll, Zürich Airport