Document Builder-01.png Document Builder™

Generate professional documents in SAP® quickly and securely

Your SAP® HCM system is full of information to help you run your business smoothly, and while your SAP reporting software may be delivering all the answers, the problem remains: how do you transform reams of results into well-designed, presentable documents?

Simply use Document Builder, which empowers you to design with flair and generate and distribute entire documents automatically. Using it you can customise, use pre-added elements, edit, re-size, insert tables, send remuneration letters, contracts, pre-populated employee forms and many other documents directly to your employees.

Your visual assistant

We live in a highly visual world and ideally you would like to be able to drop elements onto a page, design a document and see it displayed instantly. Document Builder was developed with this in mind. Simply add details onto your page – the templates provided make it easy – and bring your newly-inspired design skills into play. Just one click and you can add pictures.

Reduce security risks

By designing documents directly in SAP you save time, money and effort, and importantly, reduce the risk of data falling into the wrong hands. There's no need to merge data with Word, Excel or Access, and there is encryption on PDFs and sending secure emails.

No programming necessary

Put an end to the use of SAPscript and the need for custom ABAP. Document Builder eliminates the need for these and empowers users to create and produce documents effortlessly.

Automated distribution

Powerful email capabilities mean you can automate and save time by emailing every employee's document to them. You can distribute the document as an email or a PDF and you also have to option to print in bulk – there is enormous flexibility and control.

Test and confirm

Generating a test document is quick and easy, so you have peace of mind that your document will be correct.


  • Easy to use, intuitive, visual designer
  • Seamless reporting integration
  • One tool for design and output in multiple formats
  • Generate PDF documents easily
  • Preview a sample sub-set before generating large batches
  • Store and re-use document designs with Queries

Get the Query Manager 4 with Document Builder advantage!

Document Builder is convenient, powerful, easy to use and fast. By operating in tandem with Query Manager 4 it opens up countless visual possibilities, placing all the design skills you need at your fingertips. Your documents will look polished and professional, and automating the document generating process is just a click away. It's intuitive, offering seamless reporting integration and it's the only tool you will need for design and output in multiple formats. You will soon find it indispensable.

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