Report writing Service QM Extended Service Package

Take reporting to the next level

If you use Query Manager from EPI-USE Labs, you'll be familiar with its ability to transform the way your business operates. Over the years it has proved its worth, its ease of use, its speed and its power.

Query Manager, however, has vast possibilities – which for a great many reasons are often untapped by users. Our QM Extended Service Package aims to open these treasures and make them easily accessible to the users of Query Manager. It is a targeted after-sales plan which provides additional training, reporting services, follow-up sessions and retraining to unlock the extensive potential of this product.

What is the QM Extended Service Package?

EPI-USE Labs offers you the following:

  • One day a year on-site training
  • Fifteen hours of “live” online training
  • Five days of report writing (these are offline/remote report writing services)
  • Access to our library of training videos
  • The possibility of renewing the service after the year ends

How it works

The package is valid for a year; you can choose how and when you would like to receive it within a one-year period.

Let’s look at it in more detail

  • One day per year on­site training
    This is a day of refresher or advanced training and on­site report development in the form of a workshop. The day is ideal for training new users or extending the capabilities of those who are familiar with Query Manager.
  • Fifteen hours of ‘live’ online service
    This is our direct help service. Let’s say you are stuck with a query;­ the query is built, but one element is tricky. A 30-minute WebEx session would make all the difference to resolving the problem. We’ll arrange the best means of meeting your need, be it online training, a WebEx or whatever will work for you.
  • Five days of report writing
    This is an offline/remote report-writing service. We will develop a report or reports according to your specifications.
  • Access to our training video library
    We have a number of recorded training sessions on many Query Manager-related subjects. You can use these to boost the skills of your staff.

To register and enjoy the benefits of the QM Extended Service Package and to learn more about this service, such as terms and conditions, pricing, exclusive tailoring and more, contact us.